Idris Elba has some spot-on advice for how to handle failure

Everyone hits stumbling blocks from time to time. We saw this with JK Rowling the other week, but maybe she’s not cool enough for you?

Who better than probably the coolest guy around at the minute, Idris Elba, to show you that even the cool kids fail sometimes. It’s all how you get back on the horse and get yourself going again.

In an interview with NME to be published Friday, Elba, who currently takes to the stage as a DJ using the name “Driis” admits that although he does not have “the chops to sing,” he would like to explore it.

Describing himself as fearless, he says: “I’m not worried about failing. A lot of people are, because it’s embarrassing to fail, isn’t it? I’m not really worried about that. I’ve failed at a bunch of stuff. It’s just makes me get up and go back in.”

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