5 great apps for learning a language on the go

Being able to speak a second language is pretty invaluable these days. Whilst it’s not yet essential, it’s really starting to set people apart. Jobs, travelling, even just showing off; it’s a really handy skill to have! Wow247 show you how to master it on the move with these great apps!



Often considered the top dog of language apps, Duolingo gives you bitesize lessons from 10 to 20 minutes to tackle every day.

Using a number of interactive features, Duolingo users earn credits from successful answers to multiple choice questions, audio translations and typed-in phrases which open up further lessons. The goal is to get to 34 hours of app-time, which they say equals a whole term of university study.

Free – Google Play / Apple Store




Memrise swaps the ‘tutor and student’ relationship of Dulingo for a more ‘student and student’ approach. The app, co-created by memory specialist Ed Cooke, uses flashcards and the ‘spacing effect’ memory retention technique in order to get those words to effectively lodge in your memory.

The flashcards are all user-generated, meaning they can be a little hit-and-miss at times, but when they work they make for a snappy and effective language tool.

Free – Google Play / Apple Store

iTranslate Voice

If you’re looking for something a little more instant than a daily language lesson, then iTranslate looks to solve your conundrums on the spot. Simply say the phrase you’re looking to translate in English, and it pops out the other end in foreign dialect – meaning you can simply repeat it back.

There’s also a handy phrasebook, and a feature which means you can chat to other users, with the app playing the translating middle man. Bellissimo.


What better way to learn a language than from people who actually speak it? The HiNative app from social network Lang 8 lets you learn through asking questions such ‘How do you say this in French?’ or ‘What’s the difference between these two phrases?’ and even ‘Does this sound natural?’ where you can test your pronunciation.

The app is all about sharing, like coffee shop language lessons, and is a good way to get to grips with the culture as well as the language too. We’re also a big fan of their fat squirrel mascot.

Free – Google Play / Apple Store

Google Translate

Google Translate

Many of you will already be aware of Google Translate making your life on the internet a hell of a lot easier by translating articles, tweets and Facebook posts into English. But you may be unaware of the application’s nifty feature when you’re out and about.

If there’s a signpost, shop front or notice that your language skills cant quite master – simply point your camera towards it and Translate will work its magic to decipher the message. A helpful tool for keen travellers.

Free – Google Play / Apple Store

And when you’re not on the move, you should be studying for one of the languages on offer here at The Sheffield College. Take a look at them here! 



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