William Shakespeare: London Underground tube map recreated to mark Bard’s 400th anniversary

Basically, records are a bit sketchy going back 400 years, but as far as we’re all concerned we’re just a day shy of William Shakespeare’s birthday. His 400th birthday!

Just let that sink in a little bit. Somebody who was born 400 years ago is still as relevant as ever. His work shared through families, studied at schools, recreated over and over as plays, films and television series’. Adapted. Inferred differently. Effusively celebrated. Shared. And much loved.

400 years! That’s the thing really. As much as you can pinpoint what each of his pieces of work are about as an overriding plot, and as much as you can teach them to the current crop of school kids, they divide opinion. Not so much as to whether they are great or not, ‘cos by and large, they’re pretty magic. No, but far more as to ‘what does that mean?’ within the piece of work itself.

“Well it means this.”

Yeah but does it? Are we sure? And that’s it right there. That’s the thing. There’s still that mystery, that mystique behind each of his tales. They’re open to interpretation!

It’s the fascination that’s behind the celebrations to his 400th birthday tomorrow.

Celebrations are to take place all over the country. From live performances to Tube Maps and Stamps.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Tube Map which will be available in full from the London Transport Museum


And the stamps looking a little like this

Shakespeare stamps

400 years. Still talked about. Still celebrated. Ridiculous! Anyway, if you’re a huge Shakespeare fan, take a look through our English Literature courses. A course where you get to celebrate and critique literature everyday. Winner!


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