This Is How People Used To Hear Records For The First Time!

So obviously you all read yesterday’s blog so and 100% aware that it’s Record Store Day today (woooo)! Before the days of streaming an album online, deciding you like it, and going out and buying it, there was a different way of sampling music. Vinyl booths. A great idea. A really, really cool idea. BRING THEM BACK!

At HMV (yes it’s been around that long), customers could buy records and record players, but also listen to the latest songs.

In the 1950s, HMV introduced special sound-isolating booths where customers could sample new sounds without having to wear headphones. (They also had enough room to squeeze in a close friend or two.)


June 20, 1958

Customers in listening booths.

Nov. 24, 1955

Nov. 24, 1955

Nov. 24, 1955

Nov. 24, 1955

Nov. 24, 1955

July 11, 1939

An HMV store on Oxford Street in London.

Nov. 24, 1955

Obviously we’re musically themed today! Obviously you’re musically interested. And obviously we have Music courses for you! Check them out today!!


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