Record Store Day 2016 – What’s Going On?

Tomorrow, record stores across the UK will unite to celebrate the beauty of vinyl for Record Store Day. Loads of independent record stores from across the country team up and sell a select list of exclusive and limited edition records. It’s great! It can turn into a bit of a ruckus, but I did bag myself a lovely yellow Happy Mondays vinyl last year! NME have more details…

What is Record Store Day?

As mentioned above, independent record stores across the country team up and sell a whole catalogue of very exclusive, very limited releases. Many stores have special events, too.

When is it?


What’s on offer?

As always, there’s a whole host of fancy coloured vinyl, limited edition pressings and several reissues you can get your mitts on. We’ve already picked a few highlights here but you can see the full UK release list on their website.

What should you expect?

Inevitably there will be big queues at many of the participating shops – that’s just the way it goes. But you should also expect a fun day out – follow the tips below and we’re sure you will enjoy the big day.


Things you should definitely do

Try and get there early. There will be queues. Those who collect records are proper into it, but make sure you stay patient too. Oh and make sure you have some cash on you, it’s a right pain when you slow everyone down by paying on card!

Which stores are participating?

In Sheffield you have:

  • LP Record Store
  • Music Junkee/ Record Junkee
  • Spinning Discs
  • Bear Tree Records
  • Record Collector
  • The Bath Hotel

What do the releases cost, typically?

Prices for vinyl on the day can be somewhat higher than what you’re used to. An LP could fall anywhere between £20-30 and larger box sets could see your bill rack up to well over £50 quid. There is no fixed price for each release as the price is set by the record shops, not the organisers – so they will vary from place to place.

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