Apparently, the UK is more in love with pets than ever!

We’re a nation of pet lovers, right? Nearly everyone has some form of your typical domesticated pet. Be it dog, cat, or even just a gold fish, pretty much everyone has something kicking about at home – but not actually being kicked! And apparently, according to Business Insider UK, our love is growing and growing…

According to a report by Association of British Insurers (ABI), pet insurers paid out a record £657 million ($935 million) on claims in 2015.

That’s the equivalent of £1.8 million paid out a day!


Most of the claims were for veterinary expenses, with the average claim coming in at £720.

But it seems we’re a lot more protective of dogs than our feline friends — 680,000 of the claims were for dogs while only 193,000 were for cats.

Someone’s got to perform these treatments and if we’re looking after our animal mates more often, we’re going to need more animal carers. Want to get involved? You should take a look at our Animal Care courses, here!




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