5 surprising facts about jobs in construction

We’ve told you this before but it’s quite easy to forget. Construction does not mean that you are, or have to be, a builder. It’s just not the case. How can a whole industry only have one job in it? So with that, here’s a couple of other facts that might surprise you!

1: You don’t have be a builder

That’s right – it’s not only builders, architects and engineers who are needed in the construction and engineering industry! They also need people with lots of different skills, such as electricians to wire up buildings, writers to craft dazzling proposals, and designers to sketch plans. Then there are the civil engineers,site managers, planners, project managers and safety and health advisors who make people stay safe and keep the environment protected.

2: You’ll travel

Did you know the Mexican population is booming? Yep, it’s not just us eating more burritos, so are Mexicans – and they need more energy as a result! That’s why the construction and engineering company (and Plotr sponsor) Costain is building a pipeline for natural gas to reach the country (si señor!). And it’s not just Mexico, countries all over the world employ UK construction companies to build and engineer projects – because we’re known to be so good at it…

3: You’ll see the impact

The sheer scale of some of the big projects that construction companies work on means they will impact millions of people – so if you’re involved you’ll be able to see the results of your work with your own eyes, for years to come! For example, since 2009 the engineering firm Crossrail has been busy building a new high-frequency train line to connect London with the counties to the west (Berkshire and Buckinghamshire) and the east (Essex). When this massive project is finished it will impact thousands of people’s journeys into and out of the capital every day.

4: You’ll tackle climate change

Passionate about the environment? Wind farms, water treatment plants and solar stations are all designed and built by people working in engineering and construction. So whether it’s working on a construction site as a civil engineer, or processing important documents back at the construction office – you’ll be making a difference.

5: You’ll get people talking

The Shard, the Gherkin, the Olympic Stadium… Just imagine being part of a team that made those buildings like these possible! Working in construction means designing, engineering and building amazing structures that get everyone talking. Just imagine being able to say: “What do you think of London’s new skyline? I built that…”

So now you know that being in Construction isn’t specifically going to have you in a hard hat building houses, you might want to check our Construction courses and see what other jobs you can get yourself into! In fact, there’s no might about it. Have a look, now!


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