Career Paths in Marketing for Creative Minds


When we talk about job evolution, Marketing might not be the first thing that pops to your head. But think about it, all the social media platforms, the newly introduced Virtual Reality headsets, making everything you do go ‘viral’!

Customers aren’t impressed by ‘traditional experiential marketing’ anymore. Gone are the days were street promos and pop-up shops impressed. People want more. Expect more. They want brand-buzz. Massive buzz. Think about Red Bull and that guy free jumping from space. Sounds like fun, but it’s great marketing for their product!

Someone had to think that up…

Career path: Experiential event management and coordination

One of the top ways marketers take brand efforts from blah to BOOM! is by hosting IRL activations. These events span from minor-scale, pop-up shops to huge, sponsored endeavors that may take months to bring to life.

Careers that focus on the ideation and execution of such events range just as drastically, from unpaid interns who hand out flyers and marketing collateral, to full-scale planners and coordinators whose sole role is to seamlessly blend brand messaging with attendee experience.

For example, in 2014 Nike campaigned for a Go Skateboarding Day by campaigning to remove skate stops in LA, enlisting celebrity support and putting on a band too – huge success! But it can be as simple as tapping into current events and ‘meme marketing’ with the 1st Annual Netflix and Chill Festival (hosted by Knock Knock app) having over 30,000 RSVP’s leading to loads of selfies being taken and the user rate on the app absolutely soaring!


Career path: Internet of Things, wearables and biometrics

Wearable tech has opened up a whole new world, not only for techies and fitness buffs, but also for brands.

Jeff Malmad, managing director and head of mobile and Life+ at Mindshare North America, has been involved with a number of experiential campaigns employing wearable technology and biometrics.

“Leveraging a partnership with a bioanalytics company, we’ve started looking at ways to use wearables and biometric data to enhance campaigns and events,” he explains, detailing a number of creative iterations of this approach.

One of Malmad’s recent success stories includes a program at Cannes Lions, which outfitted attendees with smartwatches and measured data points like heart rate and location. The data helped inform organizers on how to optimize attendance and engagement for the annual event.



Sports are another natural fit for such marketing campaigns — at present, Mindshare is working with the NCAA to incorporate biometrics into the fan experience — and thus careers that meld elements of fitness, sports and biometrics in a marketing capacity may be a perfect fit for professionals passionate about both fields.

Career path: 3D experiences, augmented reality and new media content creation

An almost infinite number of new technologies and platforms mean there are loads of opportunities for today’s marketers. Impressive technologies such as projection mapping, 3D printing, Lap Motion and countless other immersive experiences open doors for everything from online gaming to virtual reality.

Not to mention that these opportunities — as well as all of the experiential methods detailed above — reach more people than ever before. The right experiential campaign paired with carefully selected social influencers and online content is a winning formula.


This is nothing but good news for marketing professionals interested in the online or social media element of experiential campaigns.

Another area of career growth, though perhaps not quite as glam as dabbling in virtual reality or events, is analytics. It’s no longer good enough to just shout about what you’ve done, but you need to back it up with data. Prove it’s a success. Prove that you should be able to take charge of the next campaign!



How does a career in Marketing sound after you’ve read that? Pretty fun if I do say so myself! There’s loads you can do and with being ‘viral’ so important these days, creativity is key. If you fancy a getting involved take a look through our Business courses, prime for getting you on the right track!



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