Job of the Week – Vehicle Technicians

Right, back on the horse. Job of the week- it’s here!

And this week we’re taking a look into the autoworld, and specifically Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians. That’s all things car fixing to me and the rest of you who aren’t quite in the know!

Anyway, as you can see in the table below, there are currently 5,743 Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians employed in the Sheffield City Region. REMEMBER though, that many people in this trade have their own businesses and work for themselves, so there are loads more jobs out there than you might think from these numbers!

Jobs (2016) % Change (2016-2021) Median Earnings
5,743 6.0% £10.68 per hour

For those of you who fancy a career as fixing cars and messing around with engines, things are looking good! Over the next 5 years there will be 344 new jobs created in the Sheffield City Region – that’s not even to mention that some of the current workforce will also need replacing and that you can be self-employed.

In the Sheffield City Region average earnings for Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians is £10.68 per hour. For a starting salary you’re looking at around £15,000 to £20,000 a year. Experienced technicians can earn over £25,000 a year, and it looks even rosier if you have your own company!

vehicle tech.png

Region 2016 Jobs 2021 Jobs % Change
Sheffield City Region 5,743 6,087 6.0%
Nation 170,829 176,154 3.1%

There’s a column in that table. The one on the right. The end one. Seen it? Check the numbers. Check them again. Right, that’s the growth of new jobs. In the Sheffield City Region we have a growth of 6.0% which is 2.9% higher than the job growth nationally. Good, that!

Right, so there’s all the statistics that you need, but what skills will you need to succeed? Well…

You will need:

  • an excellent knowledge of motor vehicle technology
  • strong practical skills
  • good problem-solving skills to find faults
  • the ability to work quickly and pay attention to detail
  • good communication and customer service skills
  • the ability to follow written and spoken instructions
  • a reasonable level of fitness
  • an up-to-date knowledge of vehicle developments, especially new engine types and electronics
  • an awareness of health and safety regulations

So it’s looking all good for petrol heads! Even those self-driving cars need fixing so there’s loads of opportunities for you! If you want to get involved in Motor Vehicle, take a look at the courses today by clicking right here on this link! 


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