Dinner and Tea for Breakfast; is it ok?

Being a person means following a lot of rules. Rules are there to be broken, right? We’d say within reason, but how about eating non-brekkie food for brekkie? Well BuzzFeed had a look


Case in point: (American) rules about breakfast food.

Don’t get me wrong: Bacon, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal, bagels, sausage, and smoothies (among other brethren) are delicious. They’re comforting, they’re easy, and as such they should be enjoyed at all times of day. There’s a reason we’ve so heartily embraced breakfast for dinner: the stack of French toast enjoyed with an IPA, the glorious hybrid that is a fried or poached egg atop savory leftovers. And it’s time to turn that theory upside down. Repeat after me: “Breakfast food” is a social construct.

Enter: dinner and tea (and pud) for breakfast.

Enter: lunch and dinner (and dessert) for breakfast.


This is what I ate circa 8:45 a.m. last Thursday. It is a classic grilled cheese (American cheese, whole wheat bread, lots of butter) and tomato soup (boxed, probably very bad for me, definitely very delicious). I woke up and it was exactly what I wanted. I thought for a moment about adding bacon or an egg in order to make it more breakfast-y, but just as quickly realized that I would be doing such a thing based on the aforementioned Rules, not because I wanted to. I didn’t want a bacon-egg-and-cheese; I wanted a grilled cheese, which is physically not so different but psychically worlds away.

Sometimes I turn dinner food into an entirely new form.

Did you know you can transform the previous night’s mashed potatoes into extremely decent latkes? Now you do!

Sometimes I go for straight-up luxury.

Sometimes I go for straight-up luxury.


Literally the entire point of being an adult is so you that can have cake for breakfast. I purloined this one from my co-worker, but you could make it yourself.

And sometimes I seek the delightfully impractical.

Once I discovered that my local grocery store sold 10-packs of miniature tart crusts, my dining life (breakfast and otherwise) changed forever. Why make one beef pot pie or Nutella tartlet or green-pepper frittata when you could have LOTS OF THEM AT ONCE?


Essentially, you’ve got loads of choice. Who’s really to say what should be eaten early in the day and what has to be eaten later on? We’re saying probably no to the cake, and unhealthy stuff, but if we can eat breakfast for dinner then why not! If you fancy getting experimental, proper Heston style, then check out our Catering courses. They’re only a click away!



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