Formula One car takes on rugby players in one-of-a-kind scrum

It’s a duel that’ll get rugby and Formula One fans excited, and seems utterly bonkers at the same time!

This is a video of a scrum contest between the car of Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, who races for Infiniti Red Bull Racing, and players from the Bath Rugby club.
That’s a car with 596 kilowatts (800 brake horsepower) of grunt, up against the skin and bones of a forward pack weighing 831 kilograms (1,832 lbs). Sounds like a fair contest, right? But what comes out on top, man or machine?

Although the risk of being whacked by a car that can hit more than 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour) seems possible, it appears to be not a concern for these maniacs.

Man probably just edged it, but those guys are absolutely huge, so maybe that comes as no surprise. Reckon you could create something powerful enough to blitz a rugby scrum away? Take a look at our Motor Vehicle courses today and maybe you could be doing exactly that in but a few years!


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