Job of the Week – Air Travel Assistant


We’re all out of careers videos for the minute, but we fear not! We have more Job of the Week for you this Good Friday! It’s a great Friday really, isn’t it?! Anyway, seeing as though the role of Jesus was taken many years ago, we don’t recommend holding out for a job popping up in that. Now Air Travel Assistant, you just might have a bit more luck with!

As you can see in the table below, there are currently 192 Air Travel Assistants employed in the Sheffield City Region. Now that might not seem a lot, but then we don’t have loads of airports like that there London. We do, however, have a growing Airport in the region so things are looking good!

Jobs (2015) % Change (2015-2020) Median Earnings
192 0.5% £10.99/hr

Now our data is predicting a 0.5% increase in jobs for the Sheffield City Region, which is lovely, but like we say, with Robin Hood airport developing at a pretty impressive rate (more flights, more partnerships with bigger airlines, and an expansion), things are looking good. That means, over the next 5 years, there will be new job creation! Oh and you’ll get to travel the world. Buzzing!

And the pay’s not shabby bad either. On average, Airline Assistants in the region earn a reasonable £10.99 per hour, plus all the benefits such as jetsetting around the world, discounted flights and the duty free. Oh the duty free!!

Starting salaries can be between £12,000 and £14,000 a year. With experience, this rises to between £15,000 and £21,000 a year. Senior crew can earn up to £25,000 a year. Overtime and flight allowances can increase salaries.

Things are looking good nationally, though. So if you want to base yourself elsewhere, you’re going to be just fine!

air assist.png

Region 2015 Jobs 2020 Jobs % Change
Sheffield College City Region 192 193 0.5%
Nation 53,352 56,193 5.3%

Happy days.

That’s all well and good, but what do you actually need to be good at and interested in to become an Airline Assistant? Well…

  • excellent communication skills
  • a confident and friendly manner
  • a clear speaking voice
  • tact and discretion
  • a polite but firm approach when dealing with difficult customers
  • good team-working skills
  • the ability to be calm under pressure and decisive in emergencies
  • sensitivity towards people who are anxious or upset
  • good maths skills for handling cash, including foreign currency.

Sound good, yeah? Think of all the places you could visit, and get paid to do so! If you are interested, we offer an Air Cabin Crew course here at The Sheffield College. So really, making it incredibly easy for you, aren’t we?! Have a look here for more info!


8 responses to “Job of the Week – Air Travel Assistant”

  1. Kim Wath says :

    This course has gone so far down hill at this college and standards have considerable dropped. It no longer looks good on your CV,due to colleges offering it to anybody for the funding. Its not recognised by airlines when applying for airline jobs. Avoid it it won’t help your employment chances especially at this college.


  2. Emily says :

    Terrible course, so disorganised I left it as it was a waste of time. I did not learn a thing and the uniform is awful, virgin this is not 👎🏻


  3. Jackie says :

    What information source was used for these figures and details provided?
    As stated on other comments I have recently heard very negative feedback about this course and tutor.


  4. Sarah Jayne says :

    She was allegedly sacked from Virgin Atlantic she hit someone great role model


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