What Are The Pros And Cons Of The EU For Students?

Scotland had their vote for independence, and now we’re set to have a bigger, wider-scale referendum. You’ve probably heard politicians on the tele harping on about Brexit, but how will it affect you lot – the students? Huffington Post have the answers…

In or out: it’s the question which will dominate the news and political agenda for the next few months.

But amid the arguing and debating, what are the pros and cons of the EU for a student?

  • Pros:

  • An EU exit would mean UK students choosing to attend European universities would have to pay extortionate international fees, sometimes three times as much as native students.
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  • British students wouldn’t benefit from the celebrated Erasmus Exchange Programme. This EU-wide programme allows a British student to experience life at another European University, taking in different cultures and languages.
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  • Teaching quality at universities will be at risk. Research funding from Brussels is worth £1bn a year. The University of Manchester developed the revolutionary material graphene because it received this grant and there is now a global market worth £250m surrounding it. In addition, 14% of UK academic staff come from other EU countries creating a continent-wide pool of knowledge.
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  • Universities unanimously agree the UK should remain within the EU. Dame Julia Goodfellow, President of Universities UK, the organisation that represents 133 university Vice-Chancellors, said last year: “The UK’s membership of the European Union makes the UK’s outstanding universities even stronger, contributing to economic growth, employable graduates and cutting edge research discoveries.”
  • Cons:

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  • Angus Dalgleish – a cancer and HIV specialist at St George’s University, London and prominent Eurosceptic – says the UK could make up the shortfall in EU research funding through the £17 billion EU membership fee the it wouldn’t have to pay. Dalgleish said: “We would have a far bigger budget for funding our own science.”
  • Erik Isakson via Getty Images
  • If the UK leaves, it will escape other EU regulations, such as rules governing clinical trials, allowing for universities to broaden their knowledge of scientific topics.
    LIVINUS via Getty Images
  • UK universities would have the freedom to do and teach as they choose, away from the bureaucracy that has so long been associated with the European Union.

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