8 times footballers tried (and failed) to be pop stars

Some people are mulit-talented and can therefore be excused for turning their hands to a couple of different professions! Some people aren’t. Some people shouldn’t. Footballers singing? It’s happened, you be the judge


John Barnes – ‘World In Motion’

John Barnes

With New Order’s only UK number One, ‘World in Motion’, they were ‘singing for England’ ahead of the 1990 World Cup, and featured then England striker John Barnes.

Barnes holds a ball and sways from side to side in what looks like the strangest warm up ever as he raps a verse in a drab, monotone style. He actually revisited this song in an advert ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

Catch him if you can, he’s the England man.

Liverpool FC’s Anfield Rap

‘World in Motion’ wasn’t John Barnes first taste of rap music. I know, shocking right?

He was rapping a year earlier with the rest of his Liverpool side ahead of their FA Cup Final. If you can get past the fact that it isn’t a serious song then it’s quite catchy. What do you mean it was serious? Anyway, it didn’t help, Liverpool went on to lose in the final to Wimbledon, 1-0.

It has to be seen to be believed laaaaa.

Manchester United – ‘Lift it High’

1999 was an amazing year for Manchester United. They won the Premier League, the FA Cup and then, in possibly the most dramatic finish to a game ever, the Champions League to cap off an amazing treble.

You may not remember the icing on that cake, but you’re about to. Around 12 days before that epic Champions League final, they released ‘Lift it High (All About Belief)’. Fans everywhere bought the cassette, and it is in no way definitely the only reason that they won that game.

It’s all about belief.

Andy Cole was ‘Outstanding’


As a footballer Andy Cole was outstanding, no doubt.

However, after Manchester United’s success in 1999 with ‘Lift it High’, the striker teamed up with DJ Pied Piper, of ‘Do You Really Like It’ fame, to release this instant classic in which he states he is ‘United Forever’.

In 2005, the striker joined noisy neighbours Manchester City and is yet to release a follow up single called ‘United For A Moderate Length Of Time’.

The time Kevin Keegan was ‘Head Over Heels in Love’

Kevin Keegan

Everyone loves Kevin Keegan. The hardworking midfielder had a perm to die for and as it turns out, not a bad voice. Cringey enough to make this list unfortunately, but not bad all the same.

People think that the above picture is from his famous rant against Sir Alex Ferguson, it’s not. This is when he listened back to his track and then heard that he had only reached number 31 in the UK chart.

Hoddle and Waddle

There is no way you can make a list of footballers trying to be pop stars and not mention this dynamic duo.

Glenn and Chris released ‘Diamond Lights’, apparently a reference to floodlights seen in football stadia (who knew?) back in 1987, and actually reached number 12 in the charts. Hearing Glenn Hoddle sing ‘Darling, I love you’ in a high pitch while Tottenham teammate Chris Waddle moodily chants ‘My diamond lights, i’ll always need you’ brings chills to the spine.

Though not necessarily good ones.

Ian Wright does the ‘Right Thing’

Remember way back at the start of this blog, before we took on probably the strangest musical journey of your life? We mentioned a certain Bradley Wright-Phillips. Well it turns out, he gets his musical skills from…his dad!

Ian Wright

Back in 1993 England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright teamed up with Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys to release ‘Do The Right Thing’.

Pet Shop Boys fans didn’t really pick up on this release it seems, as the song only reached number 43. However, we’ve since been told by a completely unreliable source that the band did see an increase in sales of their song ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This’. Strange huh?

And who could forget Gazza…

To be fair, Paul Gascoigne has never really taken himself seriously.

However, at the height of his popularity in the early 90s Gazza joined Lindisfarne to cover their song ‘Fog on the Tyne’, and despite it being a video of what seems like Gazza at a pre-drinks gathering getting excited for the night ahead, it is severely catchy and will probably have you singing all day.

‘The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine..”

Thankfully here at The Sheffield College, we don’t make our footballers sing. We do, however, offer a Football Pathway course which gives you the chance to improve your footballing ability, get a qualification, and stay away from the mic! Check it out here for more info!


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