Did you know these were Apprenticeships?

A lot of people still consider Apprenticeships only to exist in certain industries. Plumbers, electricians, builders. You know, the really practical hands on Apprenticeships that your parents probably remember. Well that’s changed a bit now and we also have Apprenticeships in…

Activity Leadership


Getting into Sport doesn’t mean that you have to be really good at playing one, nor does it mean you have to sit in a classroom and learn about bone structures and the circulatory system. You can actually do an Activity Leadership Apprenticeship which gets you out and about coaching whilst learning about leadership, sport as a business, protecting young people and promoting and leading a healthy lifestyle. There will be a bit on bones and how the body works, but you’ll also learn about injuries in sport and planning, delivering and evaluating a sport/leisure activity. Oh, and you’ll get paid to do so. Perfect!

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Working in the catering industry to many means long hours in a kitchen cooking for loads of people who many only moan that it doesn’t look like what they expect, but the like it anyway. But there are alternative roles in catering that take you out of that environment. You can actually qualify to become a Butcher whilst learning on the job in an Apprenticeship. You’ll learn all the tricks of the trade along with becoming a bit of an expert when it comes to meat. We’ll even throw in the customer service side of it too so you’ll be primed in the workplace!

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Ok ok, so we don’t think you’d expect to do an Apprenticeship in putting ideas into fruition, but you can. An Enterprise Apprenticeship will see you out working with organisations and their main people, putting ideas forward, and generally working to make the company more money and watch it grow! It’s a pretty fun one where you’ll be involved in all aspects of the company and again, get paid to do so! Real jobs, real ideas!

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Lab Technician


We’re pretty willing to guess that a Lab Technician is a career you’ve not though about, never mind an Apprenticeship you though existed. Obviously, as it’s in this article, it does exist, and you can do one with us! You’ll spend most of your time in labs as part of a team of scientists in science departments in education, or pharmaceutical companies working with a range of chemicals. Oh, and there’s loads of experiments to get stuck into too!

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Keeping with the Science theme, you can also do a Pharmacy Apprenticeship at The Sheffield College. You’ll be working at the Chemist undertaking activities such as over the counter sale of pharmaceuticals and giving advice on symptoms, dispensing prescriptions, and generally be in and around the pharmacy keeping stock checked all whilst learning aspects of Chemistry, Biology and Microbiology during you day at College. As with all the above, you’re getting paid to learn whilst you’re working.

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