13 amazingly healthy smoothie recipes you need to try!

Probably the easiest way of getting fruit into your diet is by becoming a smoothie-enthusiast! Smoothies are great, you can pack so much goodness into and you’re on your way to 5-a-day just by supping something you love!

One for love….

The love smoothie from Hemsley and Hemsley is one for the vibrant souls out there. Rich in vitamin C, this detoxifying drink consists of beetroot, blood orange and other delicious things.

The Love Smoothie

Two for protein…

Hidden Greens

Hidden Greens Smoothie

The hidden greens chocolate protein smoothie from Oh She Glows is perfect for those of you who don’t want to know that it’s actually mushed up avocado and kale you’re drinking. This delicious recipe will trick you into thinking it’s a treat, while providing you with lots of protein goodness.

Green Warrior


It can be hard to find a green smoothie that actually sounds appealing. This Green Warrier protein smoothie, also from Oh She Glows, fits the bill.

Superfood smoothies…

Acari and Berry Coconut Smoothie

The Acai berry is renowned for its health giving properties. Combine it with coconut, almond milk raspberries and frozen banana and you’re in for a surefire superfood fix.

Matcha Pear Smoothie


This Matcha Pear Smoothie from Daily Burn smoothie uses plenty of the spinach: the original superfood.

Blueberry Blast 

This simple blueberry recipe is the perfect way to kick start your day.

Goji Berry Sunrise 

Goji berry, mango and the rest. Milk bottle presentation is optional…

Anti Ageing…

Banana Pineapple Anti-Aging Smoothie – Pineapples and bananas promote healthy complexion and hair, weight loss, and plays a role in preserving memory and boosting your mood. – Here's a great way to combine these two healthy fruits along with a few other beneficial ingredients to create a delicious anti-aging smoothie: – Preparation Time: 10-15 minutes Ingredients: 1 cup of chilled milk 1/4 cup of Pineapple pieces 1/2 of a Banana 2 teaspoons of honey 1/4 teaspoon of ginger paste 2 Small Ice Cubes Cinnamon Powder for seasoning – – Directions: 1. In a blender add the chilled milk, honey, pineapple pieces, banana, and ginger paste.  2. Blend it well until it is smooth.  3. Add ice cubes to the delicious smoothie. 4. Enjoy – Double tap for more recipes @smoothiemenu @smoothiemenu

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What’s not to love about this? Looks delicious and is good for your complexion, hair and memory, apparently.

Tropical treats…

Pineapple Berry Smoothie

This tropical smoothie is the next best thing to a January beach break. Adding coconut water instead of regular water to your smoothies is a great tip for some natural sugar

Tropical Breakfast Smoothie 


This tropical delight from BBC Good Food combines passion fruit banana, mango and orange juice for a quick and easy start to the day.

Carrots are your friend…

Carrot Cake Smoothie

Did you save room for dessert? Try this perfect autumn smoothie: – #SmoothieOfTheDay . Carrot Cake Smoothie! . INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of chopped carrots 1 ripe banana 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt 1/2 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1/4 cup diced pineapple 2 tablespoons of toasted walnuts 1 tablespoon of flaked coconut 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg Desired amount of ice Blend until smooth and enjoy! 🙂 For garnish you can use: shredded carrots, coconut, and/or crushed walnuts (ingredient quantities = 1 serving) (credit: wellplated.com) . Double TAP 👉🏻📲 if you'd try it! Tag a friend who could use one today . Follow @smoothiemenu for more smoothie recipes . @smoothiemenu #SmoothieMenu

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Not only is this made up of one of the healthiest vegetables out there, it can double as a dessert. Now we’re talking.


It doesn’t get much more refreshing than melon, cucumber and lemon. Who said January was all doom and gloom?

To share…


Frozen Banana Blueberry Plum Smoothie

This recipe makes two glasses and looks pretty impressive to boot.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a culinary wizard? Or maybe you just want to learn the skills that will have you making your own smoothie recipes without having to check these articles! Whichever it may be, take a look through our Catering courses here at The Sheffield College today!


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