5 phenomenal podcasts to slay your commuting boredom

Sometimes you just fancy a change. A change of scenery, a change of clothes, a change of job. Sometimes it’s more simplistic than that. Sometimes you just fancy not being bored anymore. That, quite simply, can be a change of podcast. Give these a try as recommended by Wow247

Unsure on where to start? Why not download an episode of one of our recommended picks, and add a little extra pep to your daily travels. Godspeed, fellow commuters…

This American Life

One of the most consistently interesting and varied podcasts broadcasting right now, This American Life is a public radio programme produced by Chicago’s WBEZ station. The show usually consists of a number of real-life stories from across America, usually linked by a singular theme such as ‘preconceptions that turn out to be wrong’ or ‘stepping into a field you don’t know and succeeding’.

The snippets can be journalistic-style reports, personal accounts of a situations or even a passage from a book, but what makes it such compelling listening is the personable nature of the show’s host Ira Glass – and how it lets you dive right into someone else’s life, even just briefly.

Often funny, occasionally weepy, and always worth a listen.

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TED Radio Hour

The TED Talks series remain hugely popular for their incisive and inspiring nature – and the TED Radio Hour looks to compress that feeling into a 50-60 minute show.

Guy Raz hosts a guide through the TED archives, compiling clips of speakers talking on issues as diverse as the source of happiness, inner strength and looking at death differently.

The Radio Hour acts like a mini pep talk, perfect for morning commutes to work or evening trips home after those particularly challenging days.

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Reply All

Reply All podcast

Ever feel totally lost by the ever-changing culture of the internet? Well, you’re not the only one.

Hosts PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman have taken the idea of touring internet culture and run with it – providing nerdy looks into trending stories, new apps and the obscure corners of YouTube.

The show is still a youngster in the world of podcasting, but has picked up many fans for being funny, informative and unapologetically geeky.

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Stuff You Should Know

Truly a podcast for those looking to broaden their knowledge of all things totally irrelevant, Stuff You Should Know looks to explain the working behind everything including colours, junk food, rabies and poo (yes, really).

Hosts Chuck and Josh are warm and interesting personalities who bounce off each other with a sense of wit and genuine enthusiasm for their subjects.

If you’re looking for truly bizarre conversation starters or ice-breakers, then this is your weapon of choice.

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The Infinite Monkey Cage

Infinite Monkey Cage - Brian Cox / Robin Ince


BBC Radio 4 mixes the world of science talk with comedy in The Infinite Monkey Cage – a show co-hosted by dreamy Manc physics boffin Brian Cox and nerdy alternative comic Robin Ince.

The show invites a mixture of guests including esteemed academics, real-life scientists and stand-up comedians to discuss big issues such as space travel, artificial intelligence and the supernatural.

The show has been going since 2009 and has become a huge cult favourite, with the great presenter chemistry meaning that the science stuff is always fun, interesting and approachable.

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