The five sectors and five cities paying the highest salaries in the UK

Britain’s employers are willing to pay three per cent more for staff members than they were last year, as revealed in a study that has listed the five cities and five sectors in the country that pay the most report Real Business.

The findings come from recruitment firm as part of its Job Index for January 2016. According to the study, advertised pay for the average UK worker has risen by 2.6 per cent to £39,576 – an increase of £709 annually.

Comparatively, the country’s jobseekers are more ambitious too. They applied for roles that pay an average of £27,020, which is a 4.3 per cent rise on January 2015 and a 3.1 per cent rise on average desired salaries across 2015 overall.

Mark Rhodes, marketing director of, said: “UK jobseekers have started 2016 by increasing their aspirations and applying for better paying positions than last year. And whilst businesses continue to grow steadily, many employers are offering higher salaries to secure the talent they need to support their ambitions.

“However, our latest figures suggest that candidates are selling themselves short and actually expect to earn less than what companies are willing to offer.”

Sectors that have experienced an increase in applications for roles with higher salaries include manufacturing with a 69 per cent increase, accountancy with 30 per cent, strategy and consultancy with 17 per cent and marketing with 12 per cent.

The study also broke down the top five sectors and top five cities based on highest average salaries.

The top five sectors:

(1) Accountancy – £62,105

(2) HR – £60,243

(3) Technology – £44,342

(4) Banking – £42,092

(5) Marketing – £39,585

The top five cities:

(1) London – £69,651

(2) Liverpool – £48,088

(3) Birmingham – £47,345

(4) Edinburgh – £47,013

(5) South East London – £40,152

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