BRIT Awards 2016: the 8 most glorious moments

The Brits always come up with some of the years most talked about moments. Tearjerkers, moments of sheer hilarity, and the surprisingly weird. The Brits, without fail, produces it all. Now the dust of ‘awards season’ has settled, Wow247 are casting an eye back over pop music’s party centrepiece of 2016!

Tame Impala win the award for Best International Group

The band’s quirky psych-rock shtick has seen them lead a cracking resurgence of the genre few could’ve predicted.

Similarly unpredictable was their beating out of typical BRIT fodder U2 (who admittedly haven’t done much in the past 12 months apart from being one of the most successful touring bands in the world… again).

Tame Impala were left to (deservedly) reap the spoils.


Drake makes a surprise after-appearance with Skepta

The idea of superstar hip-hopper and champion dad dancer Drake hopping on the tube up to Shoreditch for a surprise appearance with grime king Skepta is too good to pass up.

Drizzy performed a rendition of his track ‘Jumpman’ for 1,000 incredibly lucky fans of grime group Section Boyz at the Village Unferdground venue, just hours after running through a couple of numbers with Rihanna at the slightly larger O2 Arena.

Perhaps doing his bit for the #BRITsSoWhite campaign by raising awareness of the flourishing grime scene that was more or less completely avoided by this year’s ceremony, Drake proved himself (if proof be needed) one of the good guys.

That Bowie tribute doesn’t totally suck

When it was announced that part of this year’s BRITs tribute would include a live tribute to the pop icon who sadly passed back in January, many were dreading some kind of saccharine self-indulgence in which Chris Martin and other BRITs botherers attempted to make it all about them.

Thankfully, Lorde appeared with Bowie’s old backing band for a respectable rendition of some of The Thin White Duke’s greatest hits, including a poignant version of ‘Life On Mars’, which moved many to tears.


Tim Peake’s tuxedo shirt

Tim Peake tuxedo brits

When British astronaut Tim Peake delivered the result of the BRITs Global Success Award (spoiler alert: it was Adele, more on her in a bit) ‘live’ from aboard the International Space Station, the amazing experience it must’ve been to extraterrestrially receive the news was given an enjoyably bizarre twist by Peake’s Tuxedo print T-shirt.

Formal supplies are clearly limited in the cold, black void that is space.

The Weeknd convert a naysayer

I’ve come to the comforting conclusion that the BRITs isn’t for me. I’m more into your obscure south-east Asian shoegaze revival bands than your pop behemoths.

So imagine the surprise in my eyes when The Weeknd’s Abęl Tesfaye took to the O2 Arena’s grand stage for a performance of ‘The Hills’ and it was actually… good?!

It’s been rattling around my head ever since, and whatever bass heavy sound the guitarist was wrangling from his instrument needs to replicated by everyone who owns a pedal board RIGHT NOW!

Adele wins four awards

“Adele wins tons of awards” or “Adele nominated for loads of stuff” or “Adele cleans up at the BRITs” are headlines so predictable the copy was probably sub-edited before Christmas.

But though the London singer’s brand of powerful pop is supremely popular (I think every house in Britain has to have at least two copies lying about somewhere by law), not many would’ve said Ms. Adkins would walk away with every bloody gong she was up for.

The ‘Hello’ singer staggered home under the weight of four statuettes, and is presumably seeking planning permission on an extension to house all of her achievements as we speak.

Adele wakes up the censors

Adele’s moving singing voice and ability to make mums cry is completely at odds with her ability to make the censors reach for the mute button. Every single time.

That’s exactly what she did last night as, on her third trip to the podium, she blurted “you must be ******* bored of me!” between poorly timed attempts at cutting the audio.

Someone in the truck wasn’t paying attention, obviously.

Ant and Dec are gatecrashed

I’m sure that prior to the night Ant and Dec were expecting the ceremony to go relatively swimmingly. After all, they’ve hosted awards since the dawn of time. Veterans of the stage, Ant reappeared fully clad in a dress. Night’s oddities over, you’d imagine!

Thankfully for the viewer, that wasn’t the end of it. As the Geordie lads were presenting a piece to camera a rogue British model plonked herself right between the two. Cue horrified scenes from Dec, baffled expressions from Ant, and a full-scale Twitter meltdown.


Do you long for an appearance at The Brits – winning one of the prestigious awards, performing on stage, or just going for a good old booze-up? Alternatively, are you infuriated by the state of music encapsulating a real burning desire to set things straight? If you’re either of the previous, take a look through the Music courses we have on offer here at The Sheffield College today!


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