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An expert’s guide to choosing the perfect steak

Because we’re massive foodies, and you’ll need to match those guac onion rings with…

Steak School

Whether you’re thinking of dining out or cooking at home, choosing the perfect steak can be daunting.

Wow247 went along to Steak School at Manchester’s The Grill on the Alley to learn more about where our steak comes from, which wines pair well with beef, and to try some of the ‘big boys’ of the steak world – the club steak, the tomahawk, and the legendary porterhouse.

Here’s what they learnt at school:

The various cuts


The butcher showed us where each cut comes from and how it is cut as he deftly dissected the carcass into various steaks we’re all familiar with – from rib-eye, T-bone and sirloin to topside, fillet and rump.


Rump is the most popular steak


Despite competition from rib-eye, sirloin and fillet, rump steak remains the most popular steak in the UK.

This is partly due to its price – it’s still one of the cheaper cuts widely available – and partly due to its taste, which is often considered superior to fillet or sirloin.

It comes from a part of the animal that does more work, so it’s tougher than fillet, but suits quick cooking such as frying, stir-fry, grilling or the barbecue.

Rib-eye is a rising star


Rump may be the most popular, but rib-eye’s popularity is rising all the time.

It’s fattier than sirloin or rump, but has much more flavour. Cook it slightly longer than you would rump so the fat melts into the meat – it suits being more on the medium/medium rare side rather than rare.

It was our butcher’s favourite steak – and mine, too.

The fat gives flavour


Although it might be tempting to order the leanest cut you can see when you’re buying beef, the fat is vital in terms of flavour.

The fat melts into the steak as you cook it, helping to baste it from within and giving it a far superior taste and texture.

Don’t cook your steak straight out of the fridge


Don’t get your steak out of the fridge and put it straight into a hot pan, as it won’t be tender.

Our butcher recommended leaving your steaks out of the fridge for around 30 mins before you start cooking them.

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Here’s What Happens When You Fuse Two Incredible Party Foods Together

Is there a guilty pleasure more exciting than party foods? Onion rings, garlic mushrooms, nachos, pizza, that kind of thing! Well we’re fans anyway, but BuzzFeed may have just thrown out a massive game changer here…

Here’s what you will need:

  • 3 avocados, ripe
  • 1 lime
  • 1 tomato, diced and drained of excess water
  • 1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 2 small-medium yellow onions
  • Flour
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups panko bread crumbs
  • Oil for frying


In a medium mixing bowl, mash avocados with the juice of one lime. Mix in chopped tomato, cilantro, garlic, salt, and chili powder.

Cut onion into 1/2-inch slices. Carefully separate the layers into individual rings. On a wax paper–lined tray, lay out onion rings and fill each with guacamole. Place tray in freezer until solid (about one hour).

Add flour, beaten eggs, and panko bread crumbs to three separate bowls. Remove frozen guacamole rings from freezer. Roll each first in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. Coat once more in egg and a final time in bread crumbs.

In a large saucepan, heat oil to 350˚F (180˚C). Fry guacamole onion rings in batches until nicely browned on all sides. Place on paper towel–lined plate to drain off any excess oil. Sprinkle with salt and lime juice. Serve with sour cream.

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This Woman Does Yoga With Her Pet Goat

Animals are great companions, but are they great yoga buddies?

Meet Rachel Brathen, an Aruba-based yoga teacher, and her pet baby goat, Penny Lane.

Walks in the neighborhood with @penny_thegoat 😍🐐 #goodmorning

A post shared by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on


Brathen is one of the most popular yogis on Instagram and started the #YogaEveryDamnDay hashtag.

She and her husband adopted Penny, who wound up in an animal sanctuary after getting lost from her herd, around Christmas.

And they’re basically the cutest yoga buddies there’s ever been.


Doing yoga with a goat is extremely rewarding,” Brathen told BuzzFeed.


“She wants to climb on you, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whatever is going on. We don’t have to try or ask her to come to the mat, she takes it as an invitation, like an obstacle course. She thinks we are furniture,” she said.

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15 things successful people don’t do in their 20s

As far as things go your twenties aren’t far off one of the most important periods of your life. So much happens in those years that defines what you do and where you’re going to go. You finish education, first proper job, you’ve got those career aspirations to realise and chase, not to mention your social life goes a bit mental and then there are still relationships too! Business Insider have come up with a list of things to avoid, if you want to be successful that is.


They don’t think education and talent are enough to become successful.

 Yes, they are key factors. Huge players in the game. And yes, you are going to struggle without them. But there is a lot to be said for hard work and a bit of craft. Get your head down, work hard, and don’t give up!

They don’t neglect their health.

As you progress through these years, your hangovers are going to get worse. Noticeably so too. Wave goodbye to 3 day benders, and instead welcome the 3 day hangover. And nobody ever was productive on a hangover, were they?!

They don’t spend all of their disposable income.

 It’s good to save! Retirement might seem ages away, but the sooner you start saving the sooner you can get your feet up on a beach!

They don’t equate happiness with money.

It just doesn’t work that way.

They don’t give up when things get tough.

Because that’d be pure idiocy. If you believe in what you’re doing, you’ll keep going. Learn from your mistakes and crack on!

They don’t let others define them.

‘Cos you just gotta be yourself.

They don’t let impatience cripple them.

Just stay patient. Keep focused. Work hard. It’ll come, you know.

They don’t try to please everyone.

Because you can’t. It’s impossible to do so. Personalities clash, you won’t like some people and some people might not like you. It’s the way of the world. Don’t let it get to you. Stop worrying!

They don’t think all friendships can last forever.

As good as it would be if they do, people move to different stages of their lives at different rates. People move away, get married, get swallowed up by work.

They don’t think moving somewhere new will solve their problems.

Problems follow you, you can’t run away from them. You have to work at them, overcome them, and then reap the rewards!

They don’t create bubbles around themselves.

 Let people in. Let people help. Don’t be a recluse!

They don’t see things in black and white.

 Not everything has to be one or the other. You don’t have to stop doing your hobbies just because you have a job now. That’d just be daft!

They don’t obsess over finding their “soul mate.”

 Things like this just kinda happen. Stumbled upon, if you will. It’s the ‘watched phone never rings’ essence. Go looking to hard for something and it won’t happen. And it’ll probably hamper whatever else you’re up to!

They don’t try planning years in advance.

 Each day as it comes, young’un.

They don’t think they’re the only one trying to figure things out.

 You’re not the only one in this situation. It’s the situation that everyone of your age is going through. Stick to these principles. Work hard, but get that social balance in too. It’s going to be a blast.

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Formula One car takes on rugby players in one-of-a-kind scrum

It’s a duel that’ll get rugby and Formula One fans excited, and seems utterly bonkers at the same time!

This is a video of a scrum contest between the car of Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, who races for Infiniti Red Bull Racing, and players from the Bath Rugby club.
That’s a car with 596 kilowatts (800 brake horsepower) of grunt, up against the skin and bones of a forward pack weighing 831 kilograms (1,832 lbs). Sounds like a fair contest, right? But what comes out on top, man or machine?

Although the risk of being whacked by a car that can hit more than 300 kilometres per hour (186 miles per hour) seems possible, it appears to be not a concern for these maniacs.

Man probably just edged it, but those guys are absolutely huge, so maybe that comes as no surprise. Reckon you could create something powerful enough to blitz a rugby scrum away? Take a look at our Motor Vehicle courses today and maybe you could be doing exactly that in but a few years!

Here’s What Real Vegetarians Actually Eat

Being a vegetarian isn’t the easiest. Aside from the lack of options on restaurant menus, maybe a broccoli bake if you’re lucky, and having to watch meat-eaters all round you, people think you just eat salad. Nobody really knows what you eat. But being veggie can be delicious, there’s loads of options. Like these…

1. Veggie Pancake Stacks

Veggie Pancake Stacks

“You can turn just about any vegetable into delicious veggie-packed pancakes. I’ve made this meal with combinations of zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin, corn, onion, carrot … basically whatever I have in my refrigerator! But it’s not only me who enjoys them — my husband and teenage sons (who are not full-time vegetarians) will devour a stack, then fight each other for the last one.”

Renae Westley, primary school teacher and owner of the @lifeofavegetarianInstagram

Get the recipe here.

2. Sweet Potato, Red Bean, and Kale Enchiladas

Sweet Potato, Red Bean, and Kale Enchiladas

“For me eating vegetarian is far more than simply not eating meat. It’s about creating food that’s delicious, nourishing, exciting, and good food that just happens to be meat-free as well. These enchiladas are flipping amazing and one of my favorite veggie creations. Loaded with different veggies, spicy beans, and topped with a smoky sweet pepper sauce, you’ll never miss the meat, I promise!”

Trudy Slabosz, author of Going Veggie and creator of Veggie num num Australia

Get the recipe here.

3. White Chard Stew

White Chard Stew

“It’s what I want to eat all winter. It’s hearty, filling, and nutritious, with lots of greens and plump white beans. A riff on ribolitta, the classic Tuscan stew, you can flare it out with some chile oil or lemon oil… but it’s great as is. It delivers on the leftover front, too.”

Heidi Swanson, author of Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel and101 Cookbooks, and culinary shop owner

Get the recipe here.

4. BBQ Lentils With Millet Polenta

BBQ Lentils With Millet Polenta

“I love this dish because it’s basically a saucy, sticky, stew-like thing on top of starch. But it’s full of protein and fiber and stuff, too! The sauce is really easy to make and the meal itself is cozy, hearty, and warming to the core. My partner is an omnivore/meat-freak, and seems to crave this dish more often than I do.”

Laura Wright, food blogger at The First Mess

Get the recipe here.

5. Vegetarian Ramen Bowl With Spicy Brussels Sprouts

Vegetarian Ramen Bowl With Spicy Brussels Sprouts

“This ramen bowl is a great representation of how I eat all the time: comforting food that’s overloaded with vegetables, full of flavor, and has just a bit of kick. One of the best (and most fun) things about eating vegetarian is the exploration of flavor combinations to best highlight the vegetables (in this case, brussels sprouts with Sambal Oelek).”

Erin Alderson, creator of and author of The Easy Vegetarian Kitchen Cookbook

Get the recipe here.

6. Mini Pimento Mac & Chesse Bites

Mini Pimento Mac & Chesse Bites

“These little mac and chesse bites are my go-to anytime I have people over! They are easy to prepare and so beyond addicting!”

Shelly West, creator of Vegetarian ‘Ventures and creative director for Driftless Magazine

Get the recipe here.

7. Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

“Growing up, stuffed shells were my ultimate cozy, comfort food which is why I’m now obsessed with this veggie version. It’s full of spinach and hearty roasted butternut squash — a winning (and very filling) combination that makes eating vegetarian insanely delicious.”

Jeanine Donofrio, creator of Love & Lemons and author of The Love & Lemons Cookbook

Get the recipe here.

8. Buffalo Hummus

Buffalo Hummus

Angela Liddon

“Of all the foods I missed when I went vegetarian, buffalo chicken wings were number one. It wasn’t so much the chicken I craved as the tangy, burn-your-lips spiciness of the buffalo sauce. Fortunately, now I’ve got this recipe which combines my flavor with one of the foods we vegans eat most often, hummus. Booyah.”

Matt Frazier, author of No Meat Athlete

Get the recipe here.

9. Egg Foo Yung With Sriracha Gravy

Egg Foo Yung With Sriracha Gravy

“Egg Foo Yung is really old school, so we gave it a modern update with our spicy Sriracha gravy. This recipe is great because it incorporates lots of vegetables and a great source of protein into one dish. You can use any vegetables you want here, and if you have leftovers from Chinese take-out or something just use those vegetables in place of our mixture. It’s a great leftover makeover.”

Justin and Amy Burks, authors of The Southern Vegetarian: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table and The Chubby Vegetarian

Get the recipe here.

10. Kale Pesto Pizza

Kale Pesto Pizza

“Honestly, I couldn’t be a vegetarian if it meant giving up pizza. I love to get creative when I’m making pizzas at home. This one features a kale and pecan pesto, plenty of mozzarella, and crispy kale on top.”

Kate Taylor, creator of Cookie and Kate

Get the recipe here.

11. Spinach & Quinoa Patties in a Bowl

Spinach & Quinoa Patties in a Bowl

“The patties are made from cooked quinoa leftovers that are mixed with spinach, egg, oats, and feta cheese. They taste great and hold together really well. Sometimes we serve them like burgers in buns but more commonly we just add them to bowls that we fill with a mix of vegetables, fruit, seeds, pulses, and sometimes a cooked or poached egg – all depending on what’s in season and in our pantry and fridge. One thing I love about being vegetarian (apart from the obvious reasons) is that what’s on our plate (or bowl) changes so naturally depending on what’s growing at the moment.”

David Frenkiel, cookbook author of Green Kitchen Travels and The Green Kitchen, and blogger at Green Kitchen Stories

Get the recipe here.

12. Chickpea Fries with Garlic Mayo

Chickpea Fries with Garlic Mayo

“These chickpea fries are amazingly good, completely unexpected, and the best response to “but how do you get protein?”

Leah Lizarondo, Co-Founder of 412 Food Rescue and activist at The Brazen Kitchen

Get the recipe here.

13. Wholegrain Waffles

Wholegrain Waffles

“Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because it allows me to have the most fun and creative freedom. I love to make a hearty and healthy meal like wholegrain pancakes or waffles and go heavy on the condiments – fresh or sautéed fruit, yogurt, seeds, nuts, and even nut butters. It’s like a sundae for breakfast.”

Sophie MacKenzie, food blogger at Wholehearted Eats

Wholegrain Waffle Recipe:

1 3/4 cups spelt flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
2 eggs, separated
4 Tbsp coconut or avocado oil
1 3/4 cups almond milk
1/2 tsp vanilla

1. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl.
2. In a separate bowl combine the egg yolks, oil, almond milk, and vanilla. Stir to combine then mix in with the dry ingredients.
3. Whip the remaining egg whites until soft peaks form, then fold them into the batter leaving some clumps.
4. Spoon onto your waffle maker and bake until golden.

So there you have it. Veggie scran can be lovely! It usually is lovely, don’t believe the naysayers! If you would like to have a go at mastering some veggie recipes, or just picking up some new vegetarian tips, take a look at our Catering courses here at The Sheffield College today!

18 amazing things about Sheffield you always take for granted


Sheffield’s a great city. It’s reyt good! But it is easy to take such great things for granted when you’re living in and around them every day. We’re not going to let you do that, here’s a gentle reminder of why Sheffield is a great city to live, work and study.

1. You can eat your sarnies in a giant greenhouse

Winter Gardens
Winter Gardens

As the largest urban glasshouse in Europe, Sheffield Winter Gardens is basically an enormous temperate greenhouse. To date it houses around 2,000 plants from all over the world, and for most it’s used as a warm, dry place to eat sandwiches or as a way of cutting through the town centre.

2. It’s paradise for theatre lovers and movie buffs

#showroomcinemasheffield #Sheffield #cinema #southyorkshire

A post shared by Ryan Garden (@ryan_garden) on

As well as several big name cinemas showing the latest releases, Sheffield also has the Showroom Cinema, an independent, 4-screen cinema which shows art house and cult films, as well as a number of mainstream releases. The city is also home to the largest theatre complex outside of London – The Crucible and the Lyceum; in 2015 the hit Broadway musical of Shrek came for a stint at the Lyceum!

3. The view is worth the effort

Despite the constant hill climbing and thigh-burning you experience in Sheffield, the spectacular views are worth it. One of the best views in the city can be found at the top of South Street Park – just behind the Sheffield train station. It’s a gruelling walk up a series of steps but it’s well worth the effort as the view stretches for miles and features some of the most interesting buildings and landmarks in Sheffield.

4. Tramlines music festival

For many Sheffielders old and young, the highlight of the cities calendar has to be Tramlines festival in July. Not many cities can add a full blown festival to their list of attributes but here in Sheffield we get headline acts and famous names in parks across the city for Tramlines weekend.

5. World class snooker is on our doorstep



Every year an army of snooker players, reporters and presenters descends on The Crucible in Sheffield centre for the Snooker World Championship. The matches and all the televised coverage take place on in the city centre. Snooker fans from all over the world travel to the event and it’s right on our doorstep!

6. The great outdoors

Sheffield Crookes Park

Sheffield Crookes Park

Sheffield is a city disguised as a small village in the middle of nowhere. With over two million trees, countless parks and open spaces, it’s so easy to venture out of your door, walk for a couple of minutes and find yourself in a green paradise. You often find that these open spaces are used primarily for people to escape their places of work or study, have a catch up, some dinner and check their emails.

7. The Peak District is a stone’s throw away

Ladybower Reservoir

Ladybower Reservoir
Tim Fields /Flickr / CC

It’s a 30 minute drive to the beautiful scenery of Ladybower reservoir out in the Peak District, or 30 minutes by bus to the stunning Chatsworth House – a National Trust property boasting gardens, restaurants, play areas and acres of open grassland and forests. Deep in the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s hard to imagine that it’s such a short distance to the peace and world renowned wonder of the Peaks.

8. There are a lot of markets…

It seems that every few weeks there seems to be a specialist or seasonal market appearing in Sheffield. Sometimes they’ll pop up without warning but some are more anticipated – like the yearly Peddler Night Market, which takes over a part of Arundel Street several times a year with exhibits, stalls, and food galore from amazing local eateries with quirky transport and exotic menus. The sights, the smells, the tastes – fabulous!

9. …and many, many shops
‘Meadowhell’ is a constant source of argument for those living in and around Sheffield, sometimes it’s a shoppers paradise on your doorstep where you can spend hours checking out the large, high-street retailers and some of the quirkier boutique stores. Other times it’s a heaving mass of busy and frustrated shoppers that are not to be crossed. My advice is just to head there and savour it during the week and avoid it during the weekends.

10. Eccie Road is legendary

Ah, the legendary Ecclesall Road. Definitely one aspect of Sheffield that students and young professionals take for granted in Sheffield. This vibrant and endless road boasts a whole host of independent shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques. Chances are, if you’re meeting somebody hip and cool for a drink after work, or a hand-reared British beef burger with rustic chunky chips cooked three ways and a side of ‘slaw, you’re meeting them on Eccie Road.

11. The city’s proud of its celebrity ties
Sheffielders are proud of the famous faces that have emerged from the hills, including Sean Bean, Jessica Ennis-Hill, the Human League, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers and many more. Many will also recognise the city as the location for the award-winning movie, The Full Monty.

12. It’s a 24-hour city

As a city with hundreds of thousands of student and young professionals, there’s something highly convenient about Sheffield that’s often overlooked. Fair enough, it’s a city and therefore you expect a high level of convenience – everything at your fingertips, good travel links, etc. But Sheffield really excels itself when it comes to keeping moving at all times – there are 24 hour shops, gyms, fast food restaurants, take-aways and

13. Nightlife

The Leadmill

The Leadmill
Kevin Wells / Flickr / CC

It’s not all about Eccie Road! Sheffield city centre boasts a whole host of bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. This can seriously influence students and young people before they make the choice to settle in Sheffield – who doesn’t love The Leadmill right? And let’s not forget about the magnificence of Corp.

14. The Pram Man

A local legend, this wonderful man roams the streets of Sheffield from day-to-day with a pram and a green wig in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. In 2013, he was awarded a British Empire Medal for raising more than £200,000 for the charity. John Burkhill is a hero in Sheffield, who brings a smile to all who see him, catching sight of him during the day is definitely something people in Sheffield take for granted, he’s always out there raising as much as he can.

15. The Peace Gardens



This city centre open space features fewer plants and more grass, and a whole load of water. The Peace Garden fountains draw out children and adults alike – especially in the warmer weather, to sit on the grass areas, play and splash in the fountains and enjoy some relaxation right there in the centre of the city. With year round events and visitors such as the Coca Cola Christmas Truck and the Sheffield Seaside team, it’s often a place to catch a sit-down for 10 minutes with a coffee and always a place worth visiting.

16. Sheffield Real Ale Trail
Definitely worth a mention is the ale trail in Sheffield. It features some sublime watering holes, including the Howard – situated right next to the train station it’s a hotspot for real ale drinkers. Also worth a visit on the trail is The Old Queen’s Head – the oldest recorded domestic building in Sheffield which is thought to date back to 1582.

17. Need a coffee? Not a problem in Sheffield

Hands down Sheffield has some of the best places for coffee in the UK. And I’m not just talking about Starbucks and Costa. It’s easy to take places like Tamper Coffee and the Steamyard for granted – you pop in on your way somewhere, you nip out of the office to sneak a quick coffee back to your desk, you meet someone for a drink and a bite to eat, they’re right in the city centre and smell so good when you walk past!

18. Kelham Island

Kelham Island Industrial Museum

Kelham Island Industrial Museum
DncnH / Flickr / CC

This location gained popularity once its regeneration began. With real ale pubs, a brewery museum, offices and student digs all around, it’s a popular spot for drinking, relaxing and exploring for students and young professionals in Sheffield. It’s easy to over-use the cracking pubs and nightlife at the Island.

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The Changing Face of Egypt

Things change. Constantly change. Sometimes it’s for the best. Sometimes it should have remained the same. Fashion and beauty is no different. Trends come and go. The face beneath remains the same. This is the changing face of Egyptian beauty.

Research for this video was done by researcher Jacinthe Assaad. The looks she and WatchCut Video put together represent various political struggles in each decade.

“The look chosen for the 1910s represented the urban look that women would wear to step outside the home,” Assaad explained in a video about the research behind the looks.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“The veil was a way to keep the private private, but in public.”

The look of the ’20s is modeled after Huda Shaarawi, a feminist leader who chose to remove the veil as a sign of resistance.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“It was a sign of liberation. She is the pioneer of the Egyptian feminist movement,” Assaad said.

For the look of the —30s, WatchCut re-created the beginning of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, during which women were beautifully adorned.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“This look was inspired by Umm Kulthum, who is known as the star of the Middle East. She was the most prominent Egyptian singer. She used to hold a handkerchief and express her emotions deeply as she sang,” Assaad explained.

The 1940s look was inspired by Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt, complete with a pristine updo and red lipstick.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

Doria Shafik, a philosopher, poet, and leader of the Egyptian feminist movement, was the inspiration for the hair and makeup in the ’50s.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“Because of her activism and efforts, women were granted the right to vote by the Egyptian constitution,” Assaad explained.

For the ’60s, WatchCut was inspired by an image of a factory worker.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“There was a focus on local economy and local manufacturing. It was also a moment in history where Egypt was liberated from the colonial power, from being a British protectorate. Therefore, there was this idea of adopting particular Western choices, but making them much more conservative to adapt them to local customs and norms,” she explained.

In the 1970s, the loose waves and big earrings were a look inspired by Souad Hosny, who was one of the major stars in Egypt.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“She was literally the sweetheart of the Egyptian screen.”

In the 1980s, there was an acceptance of the Western norms of beauty in the fashion world.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“There was a lot of social dissent against the Open Door policy of President Anwar Sadat. One reason was that he was very Westernized and he allowed a lot of Western norms to infiltrate society. Religiously minded people chose to migrate to the gulf,” she explained.

The 1990s look was inspired by Sherihan, a famous Egyptian actress and singer who used to wear over-the-top, glittery, sequined dresses and gowns.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“People started coming back from the gulfs, especially after the first Iraqi War, and with them they brought the much more conservative customs. Sherihan was affected by the religious wave of the ’90s.”

“The beginning of the 21st century in Egypt represents the ways in which the Egyptians are trying to reconcile their conservative aspects with the modern aspect.”

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“The sartorial choices are representative of this moment. For instance, a lot of the veiled women wanted to wear sleeveless tops, tops that had cleavage, and in order to be able to do so, they would wear long-sleeved tops underneath them. That paired with the conservative minds created the very interesting hybrid fashion.”

The 2011 Revolution started the present decade, and WatchCut combined elements born out of the revolution to create the look for the 2010s.

See 100 Years Of Egyptian Beauty Looks In Over A Minute
Watch Cut / Via

“One of them is the symbol of the flag that women used to wear as a headband during the protests. During the revolution, the youth fought for the right to be heard, and the right to be heard is embodied in the right to vote in an election that we hope is not corrupt.”

The face of a country, a culture, a generation is easily recognisable by fashion and beauty. As you see above, it changes by decade creating an identity of beauty and glamour – reflecting moods. But someone has to create those trends. And why not you? If you would like to find out more about Beauty at The Sheffield College, please click this link for more info!

Job Profile: Quantity Surveyor

We’re continuing our little feature of profiling some Construction job roles for you, ‘cos it’s pretty difficult to get yourself onto a building site to see what’s going off. Today, we’re looking at what on earth a Quantity Surveyor does…

Career Profile

A Quantity Surveyor works out exactly how much a building costs to construct and is in charge of keeping a close eye on finances from the first budget to the final bill. They have two very big jobs – to make sure a project meets every legal and quality standard and that the client gets value for their money.

This career suits people who are very good with figures and enjoy the challenge of “balancing the books” throughout complex processes.

The Quantity Surveyor is responsible for the important paperwork involved with the financial side of a project. He or she draws up bills, tenders and contracts, analyses risks, makes valuations, gives expert advice to clients, controls costs and helps to find

A trainee or graduate starting out in quantity surveying has a varied and interesting workload. It includes preparing tender and contract documents, working out the cost of repair and maintenance work, establishing exactly what a client wants, weighing up commercial risks, allocating work to subcontractors, valuing completed work and arranging payments.

The job is usually based in an office, which is sometimes on a construction site. When a trainee or graduate has some experience in the role he or she can help clients to get construction projects started, or advise on the maintenance costs of specific buildings.

Once you have several years of experience in the role, you can continue your development by working towards chartered status with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), or with the Chartered Institute of Building’s (CIOB) Faculty for Architecture and Surveying.

Your role as a Quantity Surveyor will require you to continue to update your skills and increase your knowledge by continuous professional development (CPD). Construction is a fast changing industry with new methods and technology constantly emerging, particularly around the environment and “Green” agenda.

Development of the following experience and skills may assist you to become a senior quantity surveyor:

  • Experience of working within major contractors
  • Experience of working on project valued up to £15m
  • Minimum of 8 years post graduate experience as a Quantity Surveyor
  • In depth knowledge of framework contracts, NEC, JCT and D&B forms of contract
  • Proven ability to manage clients and build relationships with all parties

You may also want to undertake training in a specialist area related to the role, such as project management or accountancy, and look at qualifications such as a Diploma in Management or Post Graduate Degree in Management, such as a Masters Degree in Business Administration, to give you wider business skills that will improve your chances of progression to senior management roles.

  • Newly trained Quantity Surveyors can earn in the region of £22,000 – £37,000
  • Trained with experience Quantity Surveyors can earn in the region of £30,000 – £45,000
  • Senior or Chartered Quantity Surveyors can earn in the region of £42,000 – £66,000

Salaries typically range depending on location and level of responsibility.  Salaries and career options improve with Chartered status.


Quantity surveyors usually hold a relevant degree in Quantity Surveying, or follow a work-based route doing a Surveying Apprenticeships that can include:

  • A Level 3 National Vocational Qualification in Surveying, Property and Maintenance
  • A two-year period of structured, competency-based work experience
  • BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment
  • NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations
  • A Diploma in Surveying Practice
  • The RICS Associate qualification
  • Paid employment
  • An apprenticeship qualification.

Will there be jobs?

According to the latest Construction Skills Network research, the UK construction industry will need an additional 980 Surveyors (which includes Quantity Surveyors) every year for the period 2016 – 2020.  The highest demand will be in the  East followed by West Midlands, Wales, North East and North West.

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Animal Shelter Encourages Kids To Read To Orphaned Dogs

An animal shelter launched an educational program that invites kids to read to animals waiting to be adopted.

An animal shelter launched an educational program that invites kids to read to animals waiting to be adopted.

The Humane Society of Missouri says that the program helps the animals become more comfortable with potential adopters approaching their space.


Kids, between the ages of 6 and 15, first learn about the body language of animals, so that they can tell if the dogs are stressed or shy.

Children are encouraged to nurture the animals that need attention by reading a book aloud.

“We wanted to help our shy and fearful dog without forcing physical interaction with them to see the positive effect that could have on them,” program director Jo Klepacki told The Dodo.

Klepacki also said the program can help dogs who have a lot energy, because listening to a book being read can be very calming.

The program started last Christmas and was such a success that it is now held every month. After the kids complete the 10-hour program, they can come back at anytime to the shelter with their parents and read to the animals.

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