7 reasons to think about a hospitality career

1. Perks and fun times

When you’re in the business of creating fun, you get to join in the fun. The perks of working in hospitality can be great and incredibly varied. A hotel job could see you meeting and greeting celebrities, for example, or you could be enjoying delicious 5-star meals every day. What’s more, you’re likely to be surrounded by a fun, bouncy team. This is because hospitality employers tend to hire people who have great energy in order to ensure their customers are happy too. So, if you work in hospitality, you’ll often end up with a fab social mix of people you’ll love spending time with.


2. You have so many roles to choose from

There are all kinds of interesting hospitality jobs to start with, and some great roles you can work your way up to. You could be a concierge acting as the ‘face’ of a hotel, or a porter working behind the scenes to create a smooth experience. You could impress diners as a sommelier (wine taster!). You could be making A-listers comfortable as a first class passenger host, or you could build up some highly transferrable skills as a receptionist. You could also make a beautiful world for tourists to enjoy as a hotel manager. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg though and there is so much more to explore!

It’s also worth bearing in mind that hospitality includes all kinds of business areas, from finance, sales and PR to IT. Big-end hotels need websites, promotion and all their accounts kept in order, after all! There are lots of ways into this industry, and it opens up a big world of possibilities for career change and progression.


3. No two days are the same

Not sure you fancy the 9-5 and being stuck in an office doing the same old thing every day? Most hospitality work offers a lot of variety in the times and days you work, and also the kind of work you’ll be doing. You might be doing shift work (customers and tourists still want to splash their cash in the evenings, weekends and summer holidays). This gives you a chance to find part-time work to suit you, and it also means you’ll be working with a team who enjoy variety as much as you do.


4. Unleash your creative side

When you work in hospitality, you’re an artist! And your canvas is people! You’ll have plenty of scope to break out your creative side as you dream up new ways to entertain guests, give them the ‘wow’ factor when they walk into their hotel room and delight their palates with perfectly-served food and drink they could never make at home. Your creativity will be encouraged as you come up with a million and one ideas to make your customers’ experience even more enjoyable.

5. Hospitality is your passport to a big wide world

Working in the leisure and tourism side of hospitality could take you abroad, or onto cruise ships as a cruise ship entertainer, or into places in the UK you’ve never been before. The skills you learn can be used internationally, so brush up on your languages at school – you can create a great impression when greeting foreign guests in the UK as well if you can make it easier for them to communicate their needs!

6. Hospitality is a solid career choice

People have been travelling to new destinations since the beginning of time (probably). Wherever you are in the UK – or the world – there’s bound to be a hospitality job available. After all, it’s the UK’s fourth-largest industry. Did you know that, since 2010, one in five new UK jobs created have been in hospitality and tourism? People will always want to enjoy themselves, so hospitality is a very safe career choice!

7. There are lots of ways into hospitality

Wherever you are in life, you can find a route into a hospitality career. You can always work your way up through the ranks too, especially after achieving nationally recognised vocational qualifications and training on the way here at The Sheffield College.

If this sounds right up your street, and you were just wondering when and where you can start a Hospitality course here at The Sheffield College then we have the answers. They’re here!


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