5 of the Weirdest Job Roles Around

These are jobs. Actual real life jobs that have been advertised in the real life world. We live in a crazy, crazy world…

(1) Hacking superhero

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope, it’s… the hacking superhero! The vacancy was available at Bizzby, an on-demand marketplace for booking plumbers, cleaners, personal trainers and other service providers.

The superhuman hacker that fills the role will be responsible for developing and testing the company’s website and mobile apps. Applications should possess a desire to be on the cover of Wired magazine and a do whatever it takes attitude – oh, and also be experienced in various programming languages.

Salary: £70,000 – £100,000

(2) Viral marketing ninja

If you’re more of a traditionalist and sci-fi isn’t your thing, you can find your chi as a viral marketing ninja. The job opening is at freelance marketplace PeoplePerHour, which wants someone to manage creation of marketing content that will go viral on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.

The recruit will need a proven background of producing viral campaigns and innovative, outside of the box approach to the role – it’s unclear on whether a black belt in any martial art is required.

Salary: £30,000 – £40,000 + bonuses + stock options

(3) Content guru

If all of those superhero and ninja-based positions sound too combative for you, online recipe delivery service HelloFresh wants people to embrace their spiritual side as a guru – one of the content variery.

The role of content guru will require creative copywriting skills to reach customers across emails, advertising messages, websites and booklets. As such, solid grammar is considered essential. Opinionated with “creative flair”? You’re who the firm wants to guzzle.

Salary: Competitive

(4) Customer delight associate

They say the customer is always right, and flower delivery business Bloom & Wild is looking for customer delight associates to put a smile on shoppers’ faces.

If you happen to be looking for extra hours for an existing role or flexible working, the post is part-time. The company claims to be seeking people with a desire to delight customers, engaging with them across telephone, email and live chat.

Salary: Competitive

(5) Awesome superstar sales person

FastPlay, a sport activity book app, wants a go-getter to support the firm’s rapid growth by joining the sales team as an awesome superstar sales person.

Imagine this title on LinkedIn? How could anyone possibly pass your profile by?

The company wants a self-motivated, likable and confident individual on board to own the role and says it is “happy for you to wake up late and make calls in your pyjamas”.

Salary: Negotiable basic + really awesome commission

There you have it, not all jobs are the same mundane slog that people lead you to believe. Some are fun, bizarre and pretty much nothing like you imagined. So if you fancy a career in something a bit different, take a look through the courses we have to offer here at The Sheffield College today.


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