7 Pro Tips to Make Travel More Efficient

1. Find destination-specific navigation apps

ipad nav

A passenger uses an iPad navigation map in traffic.

2. Sign up for First Class airport services


If, like me, you’re a bit of a stressful traveler you’ll want to take as much time to relax as possible. Why not start that at the airport? Get yourself booked into the First Class lounge and pretend to be travelling like some high-flying business exec. Enjoy the food that’s on offer, and make sure you help yourself to a fair share of the free beers!

3. Eat where the locals eat

food travel

Ben’s Chili Bowl draws a line in Washington.


With our faces in our phones, we sometimes forget the obvious sign of a great venue — is the place full, and do the customers inside seem to be locals?

If the locals eat there and it’s pretty busy, you can make a fair assumption that it’s probably going to be serving up a treat! Try and avoid chain restaurants!


If you’re stuck take a look at TripAdvisor but in spite of technology, you could always strike up a conversation with a local and ask!

4. Check airfare on multiple sites


A passenger plane shortly after takeoff at the Geneva international airport.

There’s no secret sauce to booking cheap flights (although some data shows purchasing airfare 54 days before takeoff is optimal). In scoring flight deals, there is only hard work — at least, if you’re the type that considers web browsing to be work.

Do a google search and consider all your options of the flight, whether it’s flying a little earlier or later, or flying from an airport a little further away from your house. Don’t be too strict on these options and you’ll definitely save some money. Also check specific Airline websites as they may have offers on.

5. Download a language app

Language app Duolingo has amassed a cult following for offering free language lessons. Do a few lessons on your international flight, and although you may not be fluent by the time you land, your practice will at least take the sting off that disorienting feeling of foreign conversations all around you.

Also useful are offline dictionary apps — check out Google Translate or QuickDic for Android, and iTranslate for iOS, which has text-to-speech and offline mode, too.

6. Pack like a pro

Traveling with only one bag will save time and money, but more importantly — it’s one less item to keep track of, boosting both your security and serenity as you’re moving through airports, cabs and public places in an unfamiliar area.

No matter where you’re headed (unless, of course, the trip is two weeks or longer), by packing only the essentials you should be able to make one bag work. Bring dark denim that can be dressed up or down, and a black blazer that will hide wrinkles. Wear your best multi-purpose shoes on the plane, and only pack a second pair if you’ll need athletic shoes or something a little more formal.

7. Book only the first night

No matter what time you land, you don’t want to be spending your first few hours running around and hoping a hotel has a vacancy. But after that, why stay tied down to a venue you chose with only the context of its digital presence? A quick walk through the neighborhood might leave you feeling you really want to stay in a different part, splurge on something superior or move somewhere more convenient.

Have you always had the desire to travel? Now that you’ve got these great tips in your luggage, there is absolutely no reason why it won’t be a total success. If, in the meantime, you would like to learn more about Travel, take a look through our specially designed courses today!



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