6 Ways To Get Girls Into Coding

We found this on Mashable. Whilst it’s pertinent Americans, it actually fits in well in the UK as there is also an issue of not having enough female workers in coding.

1. Know the specific barriers we need to overcome.

Before anything, you need to understand the systemic obstacles preventing girls from getting into coding. Both a culture that persistently ignores and discourages girls’ abilities in computer science, and the lack of access to tools and education, play influential roles.


2. Start with concrete first steps in your own life.

Addressing the issue of girls and coding in your community doesn’t require you to start your own nonprofit or advocacy organization. In fact, you can start very small, like choosing to empower a girl you know.



3. Find organizations putting in the work already.

You don’t need to start from scratch. There are a number of excellent organisations getting girls to code through innovative and successful programs, and just as many ways to support them.



4. Be a role model.

Take time to figure out where your skills and experience could help the most. For example, if you’re a woman working in a STEM field, think of ways you might be able to inspire girls with your own story, showing firsthand that it can be done.


5. Recognise that computer science is an intersectional issue.

It’s crucial to acknowledge from the start that getting girls into coding doesn’t isn’t just an issue of gender — it also involves race, sexuality, class and other factors of identity. For example, STEM fields have historically excluded women of colour especially, and coding programs and courses are often first available to wealthier communities and schools.

You should always be thinking of this as an intersectional issue, and make a point to reach out to girls in underrepresented communities.


6. Understand where girls need to begin, too.

In addition to first steps toward help girls get into coding, first you should have a basic understanding of the skills they need.

Partovi says the actual coding platform and language makes a difference. He suggests starting with more simplistic, drag-and-drop methods of coding, which allow students to build something exciting more quickly, leading to satisfaction instead of frustration.

Here at The Sheffield College we have courses in IT that are suitable for everyone. From a general IT overview to a specific Java course, we have something for all and we want you to take a look. Like, now!



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