15 Waters That Must Be Stopped

Got an idea that you think might sell? That might work out nicely for you? That a whole business could blossom from? These guys have all created pretty unnecessary products from H20, one of the most natural substance around, and made a packet! So if you question your idea as a business design, remember, it’s probably better than these…

1. Maple water.

Maple water.

Wait, does it taste like pancakes?? I’m in if it tastes like pancakes.

2. Whole Foods’ $6 asparagus water.

Whole Foods' $6 asparagus water.

*whispers* does it still make your pee smell

3. This artichoke water named “Arty.”

This artichoke water named "Arty."

Go home, Arty, you’re drunk.

4. Cactus water.

Cactus water.

I prefer that other cactus water: tequila.

5. $65 “Dirty Lemon” water infused with charcoal.

$65 "Dirty Lemon" water infused with charcoal.

I just…no.

6. OGO oxygen water.

OGO oxygen water.

After a long workout, I really want only a Christmas tree ornament’s worth of hydration.

7. “Hawaiian volcanic” water.

"Hawaiian volcanic" water.

For the person who sneers at Fiji.

8. Birch water.

Birch water.

I guess all the trees moved to San Francisco and decided to start their own waters.

9. Black water.

Black water.

Goth water.

10. Aloe water.

Aloe water.

If it’s going to be aloe, it needs pulp.

11. Balance water for women.

Balance water for women.

It could only be better if it came with a husband who ~actually~ helps out around the house! haha amirite ladies

12. Boxed water.

Boxed water.

Good for the environment, but bad for my desire to not punch someone in the eye.

13. Almond water.

Almond water.

Turning almonds into water has to be the root of the California drought, right?

14. Glace rare iceberg water.

Glace rare iceberg water.

Just try to drink it without thinking about Leo and Kate.

15. And… Boston water?

And... Boston water?

In Philly they call it “wooder.”

So there you have it. All these variations of water are actual products that are sold around America. Ok, they might have a slightly more expansive product market than us but my word they’re a bit daft. It’s just water!! Anyway, if that doesn’t make you think your product can crack the market, then nothing will! Take a look through our Business and Enterprise courses for a head-start in the business world.


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