Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

We often end up collecting animals

This little guy came in to see me yesterday at Community Pet Hospital in Thornton, CO. He originally had a nondisplaced hairline spiral fracture of his femur- at his age it should have healed quickly and easily with a splint and proper veterinary care. A splint was placed two weeks ago and checked by a veterinarian one week ago. The owners were told to bring him back if he was chewing at it or if it seemed to be bothering him in any way. Yesterday, he came back for his splint change and the owners told me that he had been chewing at it for about a week and they had placed an ace bandage secured with rubber bands over it to keep him from destroying the bandage. Unfortunately, when we removed the splint and the rubber bands, the smell was unbearable- the foot was completely necrotic (dead) and the tissue had a bad infection. The owners had cut off the blood circulation to his foot unknowingly and had caused irreversible damage. When the owners were told he needed an amputation, they elected euthanasia due to financial constraints. With the support of Community Pet Hospital and something they have called "the angel fund"–a fund provided purely by donations from the general public– I was given the opportunity to further my surgical skills by amputating his leg and neutering him and have volunteered my house and my time to foster him until an amazing home can be found for this kid. He had a rough start to life and deserves only the best. Message me if interested in potential adoption and/or to donate to our angel fund so that we may help more animals like him in the future. #pitbull #pittiesofinstagram #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbullpuppies #dogsofinstagram #veterinary #secondchance #rescue #ilovemycareer #animallovers #puppy #amputation #communitypethospital #angelfund #threeleggeddog #threeleggeddogs #3leggeddog #tripawd #vet #vetlife #lifeofavet #vetmed #vetmedicine #veterinarymedicine #bestpitpups #drborys #threelegs #3legs #topdogphoto @frankies_3_legged_adventures

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Sometimes clients can’t keep an animal, or don’t come back to pick them up after surgery. It’s very tempting to take them home “for a while”, which is why a lot of vets end up with a random menagerie of one-eyed, three-legged pets.

We get asked some really daft questions.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

“Can you neuter my dog instead of spaying her? It’s cheaper!” Unless your female dog has testicles, then no. Spaying means removing a pet’s uterus. We often get asked “Do I need to bring my pet to the appointment?” as well. Er, yes.

We can’t really help having to charge fees, but we do try to keep them as fair as possible.

We know vet fees can be expensive, and we hate charging for what we do. If we could help animals for free every day we would, but have to pay our own bills.

We know when you’re bending the truth.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

It’s obvious that growth didn’t appear overnight, or that your dog’s toothbrush came out from the back of the cupboard for the first time a couple of days before his booster appointment. We’re not daft.

But we also try really hard not to judge you.


We understand that your life is busy; so is ours. Just be honest about your time constraints or difficulties and we’ll try our best to work around them.

It helps that we’re not perfect either.


You should do as we say, not as we do. Most of us have forgotten to change our pet’s water, or update their microchip details. Again, we’re only human.

We do get angry when we see obese pets though.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

Feeding your pet until it is overweight is NOT love. If we had a pound for every owner who told us that if they stopped the treats their pet would think they weren’t loved, we’d be able to stop charging fees altogether.

We’re never really off duty.

Even when we go home, we still sit worrying about our cases and researching them online. And that’s when we’re not on call with our phones next to our ears.

Some of the things you do make us laugh uncontrollably

Accidentally showing up (or leaving) without your pet is definitely one of them. So is bringing a pet carrier, but forgetting the animal that should be inside it. Guys.

And other things are just plain weird.

22 Brutally Honest Confessions From A Veterinarian

Going into the consultation room, putting your pet on the table, and then leaving isn’t helpful. They can’t tell us what’s wrong; we need to talk to an actual human.

In short, our jobs are busy, tiring, emotional roller coasters.

A typical day for a vet is nonstop, emotionally draining work fuelled by coffee and (if we’re very lucky) a quick biscuit. We celebrate the days when we get 10 minutes to sit down and eat a sandwich, or cook a proper meal for dinner.

But, at the end of the day, your gratitude keeps us going.

Helping an animal through an illness and seeing it living life to the full with you afterwards is the best feeling in the world. Knowing you appreciate it is even better: It’s what makes all those 14-hour days (and weird questions) bearable.

If you could see yourself working with animals day in day out and nursing them back to full strength and think you have what it takes to be a vet, take a look through our Veterinary courses here at The Sheffield College today.


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