How to make your CV standout from the crowds

Ok, ok, we’ve peppered you with some careers advice over the last few days – especially from a CV writing perspective! But we’re not going to let up, as it really is an essential part of the employment process. Standout-CV have some great tips on how to write a killer profile…

Keep it short and sharp

Employers and recruiters are busy people and you’ve got a limited amount of their attention to reel them in with your profile.   So make it a 4-5 line paragraph that highlights all of your high level experience, skills and knowledge without going into too much detail.

Big yourself up

Sell yourself in your profile – you’re not just a “Retail Marketing Manager with 3 years experience” … You’re an “Expert Marketing Manager with a proven track record in driving consistent sales in the highly competitive retail industry”. Be creative and excite the reader.

Quotes impressive facts

Employers love to see proof of your worth with facts, figures and stats. Perhaps you’re currently in charge of a multimillion pound budget? Perhaps you’ve just graduated with a 2:1? Perhaps you’ve worked exclusively for tier 1 banks? Perhaps you’ve generated over £500k in sales this year… try to drop some figures like this in but don’t crowbar them… they should fit the narrative. Think of what might impress you in the reader’s situation.

Tailor for your audience

Remember the job your applying for and only include relevant information to that role in your profile because that’s what recruiters will be scanning for. You may well have previously been a professional football player 10 years ago – but don’t mention that when applying for customer service jobs.

Don’t use awful clichés

By awful cliches I mean things like, “Works well in a team or individually” “Self Starter” “Go Getter” “Blue Sky Thinker”…These are all completely meaningless and recruiters have seen them all a thousand times before. Don’t waste space with them – instead use hard facts around your experience, skills and knowledge that will impress the reader and tell them something meaningful about you.

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