Fancy a self-employed life? There’s loads of benefits!

Think you might fancy a career where you’re your own boss? Here’s 10 reasons why you definitely should be:

  1. You get the freedom of being your own boss. No-one to tell you what to do.
  2. You get to set your own working hours. Need to get yourself off early one night ‘cos your football team are playing? Go. What’s stopping you? Book your meetings around your social life – but make sure you get the hours in!
  3. You could become famous. Everyone’s heard of Reggae Reggae sauce, and it took just one entrepreneur to put some tasty chili-based sauce in a bottle and – here’s the clever bit – give it the unforgettable name of Reggae Reggae sauce. The world loves an underdog who wins against all the odds, and that could be you!
  4. You could become rich. Let’s say you’re offering a product or service that people can buy, whether it’s glow-in-the-dark loom bands or a mobile beauty parlour for pets. You do your own maths to see how much you spend on your idea and how much you make. If it takes off, the person who’s going to get all that profit is you!
  5. You can do another paid job at the same time. This bit is really important. You can work for someone else, maybe in a part-time way (e.g. 3 days a week, or just in the evenings). This gives you enough money to pay for life essentials like food and travel and a roof over your head. Even if you work full-time to pay the bills, if you’re really passionate you can still build up your business in your spare time. You’re living the dream but you’re paying the rent too, you genius!
  6. You can start small, think big. Forget the horror stories on Dragon’s Den – you don’t have to get a massive bank loan which you’ll never be able to pay back. You can start your idea almost as a hobby, tweak it according to how popular it gets, and build it into a glossy new version when you’ve got some proof it works.
  7. People want to throw FUNDING MONEY at you! Well, not exactly. You still have to prove you’re deadly serious about your idea with a business plan. But there are loads of funding resources out there for young entrepreneurs. Do your homework and visit sites like The Prince’s Trust, the New Enterprise Allowance (you’ve got to be over 18 for that one) and the National Lottery Funding Finder. Search online for “small business grants” and read the small print. There are people out there wanting to help you, and you know what they say – if you don’t ask you’ll never get.
  8. You need a website, Facebook presence and all that – but it’s FREE. You can set up a really nice-looking website for free on sites like WordPress, and you can have a presence for your business idea on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr – even Etsy, if you’re selling home-made stuff. Next you’ll have to market your online presence so that people actually SEE it and know about your idea.
  9. When it comes to business publicity, being young is actually IN YOUR FAVOUR. This sounds really cynical but the great thing about being a young entrepreneur with a great idea is that you’re newsworthy. People LOVE a young business success story. Local radio station and local papers want to hear all about you and your awesome business idea!
  10. Friends and family can help. You don’t have to do literally everything yourself. You can scout around and get friends and family to help, whether it’s spreading news of your business to everyone they know or posting leaflets door-to-door in your local area.

Here at The Sheffield College we have a course for everyone. Be it Apprenticeship or A Level, Vocational or Professional, University Level or Hobby, we have the course for you. Take a look through our extensive list, today!



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