What do UK recruiters look for on a CV?

Everyone knows getting a job isn’t the easiest of things you’ll ever do. Make sure you check out the facts below, and align your CV to the important bits!

The Truth about CV's Infographic | CV Writing Blog

As recruiters receive so many CV’s for just the one role (around 54), they obviously don’t have a lot of time to spend looking through them (10 seconds before deciding to shortlist and 6 minutes when looking through it) you need to make sure your CV is eye catching and it stands out. Hard hitting facts are the one!

But, as above, that doesn’t mean sticking pictures on it (98% won’t bother looking) or being a bit waffley, it means being straight to the point. Get all your key and most important info on that first page of your CV and make sure you sell yourself on that first page – 72% of employers don’t look past that first page.

Keep your social media professional if you aren’t having it on a private setting as 73% of employers will look for you on LinkedIn, with 19% checking up on your Facebook or Twitter.

Make sure you have a think about what all the stats above mean. Take them into consideration when you’re writing your CV. Make sure your CV stands out and catch the attention of that employer!

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