10 airport jobs you never imagined!

Fancy working in an environment which could be situated anywhere around the world? The below 10 jobs in airports are found in cities and countries all round the world as an important cog in an extremely large machine. What airport jobs did you not expect?

1. Engineer

Airports don’t just grow on trees, you know. Someone has to build them and take care of them. Engineers do just this, ensuring all things mechanical and electrical run smoothly and without a hitch. As you’d expect, airports are pretty high-tech so there’s not a shortage of work for them!

2. First class passenger host

Nothing says ‘living the high life’ like VIP access to First Class! As a first class passenger host you’ll be providing red carpet customer service to all first class passengers. You can hone your customer service skills in all kinds of jobs, from retail to the travel industry.

3. Train driver

Here’s one you might not have considered! At most large airports is an internal train network. There is scope to work for one of the major airports around the globe doing just this, driving passengers from terminal to terminal.

4. Retail manager

The people behind airports want to make sure every passenger’s adventure starts on the ground, before they even get into the air! That’s why airport shopping is designed to be such a fun experience, because it’s like an adventure playground while you’re waiting for your magical journey to begin. As a retail manager you’ll be coming up with fantastic ideas for retail strategies and how to carry them out. Your job will be reporting on the success of your strategies, making sure all retail operations are working safely and smoothly, and helping to make shopping an enjoyable part of the dream holiday.

5. Project manager

The worlds biggest airports can be thought of as one huge project divided into lots of smaller ones that all help each other be a success. As a project manager you’ll build a great relationship with your team and other managers. It’ll be your job to offer advice, give support and make sure your team meets deadlines. Your leadership skills will help them make sure the project is completed on time – with amazing results!

6. Finance analyst

Are you great with numbers? Do you have a razor sharp eye for detail? You’ll need them for this role. As a finance analyst you’ll be giving financial information to important people at an airport that they’ll use to make big decisions. To work your way up to this role, you can first apply for a financial adviser training role if you have some relevant work experience in customer service, sales or finance.

7. Security officer

Travelling through airports needs to be fast, fuss-free but, most of all, safe. Security officers make sure that airports are a safe place to travel through and work at. This job is incredibly important because you’ll be helping to make sure that a huge amount of people travel safely and enjoyably through the airport every day. There’s room for promotion to roles like security manager too!

8. ER advisor

It’s important for everyone to be treated fairly and to be happy doing their job, to keep the work culture feeling like a big family. That’s where you come in as an employee relations advisor. You’ll give lots of support on working policies, making sure that the rules are in everyone’s best interests and that people are sticking to them. You help with any employee relations issues, and meet with trade unions too. You get paid to be the voice of reason!

9. Ground operations agent

When holidaymakers go abroad it’s very important their luggage comes with them and doesn’t go on a holiday of its own! As a ground operations agent you’ll make sure passengers’ luggage and cargo is moved correctly and carefully on every flight. You’ll be using all kinds of vehicles and loading equipment to transport luggage quickly and safely, like a pro.

10. Reward analyst

Everyone prefers the carrot to the stick when it comes to being encouraged to work their best. Reward analysts help choose the biggest and best carrots for staff, because positive encouragement is a big part of work culture. They work as part of the Human Resources team to help with the review process and reports for staff, support the reward manager and help to shape incentives (or performance rewards).

And the good news for you, if this working environment excites you, is that here at The Sheffield College we can help get you on the way to doing just that. Check out our Human Resources, Hospitality, Engineering, Finance and Retail courses today.



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