Goat completes basic training, joins British Army in key role

Animals with jobs. Always raises a smile! This goat appears to be no different as he’s been appointed as Chief Goat in the Royal Welsh Regiment according to mashable. Be afraid, be very afraid!

A goat has secured a sought-after role in the British Army after a gruelling selection process led to him being appointed to a key position in the Royal Welsh Regiment.


The tongue-twistingly named Fusilier Llywelyn was selected from a herd of competitors after he showed “more promise than the others”, according to the BBC. He’s now completed basic goat training and will be starting a new life at his regiment’s barracks in Wiltshire.

Regimental goat Royal Welsh


Llywelyn’s appointment comes after the death of Lance Corporal Gwillam ‘Taffy VI’ Jenkins, the last goat to lead the Royal Welsh parade (there have been a long line of esteemed goats leading the regiment’s parades since the 18th century).

Royal Welsh Regimental goat leading parade


The member of the regiment responsible for leading Llywelyn in parades is known, quite brilliantly, as the “Goat Major”. The current Goat Major is Fusilier Matthew Owen, who has spoken very highly of Llywelyn’s level of dedication.

“Since he was recruited in November Llywelyn has undergone intensive training, and preparing for his pass out today,” he was quoted in a press release sent to Mashable.

“He worked very hard this morning and was absolutely fantastic. Llywelyn has loved the attention, he is one for stardom.”


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