5 CV mistakes that you need to avoid!

1. Ridiculous Unprofessional Email Addresses

CV Writing | Bad email example

When you include your email address on your CV, which you most definitely should, make sure it’s professional looking. The ‘funny’ email address you created when you were 13 so you could set up social media accounts and join fantasy football leagues looks horrendous to employers. They’ll take one look and think you’re too childish for their organisation and there is no way they’re going to reply to an email like that.

Set an email account up specifically for job hunting. Something simple. Professional. First and last names @ your preferred email supplier. Simple. It looks smart, sharp, and like you’re someone who has a genuine interest in the job.

Avoid nicknames, gazza@btinternet.com, and especially get rid of things like:

  • badboyz4eva69@yahoo.com
  • xxxSexyJessxxx@hotmail.co.uk


2. Photographs

CV photo example

Unless you’re a model, applying for a modelling job, then it’s best not to put a photo of yourself on your CV. There’s just no need. A good photo will neither swing a job your way nor exclude you from the shortlist. However, a bad one is an easy way out for the employer – especially those god awful professionally staged ones a la David Brent.

3. Meaningless Clichés

CV cliché example

Your CV should focus on hard facts like skills, achievements and industry knowledge.  Cliché Phrases like “works well in a team or individually” or “blue-sky thinker with a can-do attitude” may look fancy but they don’t actually tell anybody much about you.

Concentrate on explaining exactly what you’ve done for your employer and how it has benefited the organisation to show the positive impact that can be made by hiring you.

Bulking out your CV with vague and overly complex descriptions like the one above will just confuse and annoy employers.

4. Unnecessary Pages 

How long to you think an employer or recruiter spends looking at your CV? Not long is the answer. As nice as it would be for you if it was the only CV they were looking at, but that’s almost definitely unlikely.

Most employers or recruiters only look at the first page initially, so all those extra pages you’re thinking of detailing yourself with are pretty much irrelevant. Make sure you make everything, short, sharp and to the point and add bullet pointing where possible to make your points stand out.  Also cut down and summarise older roles as employers don’t need great detail on work you did years ago.

5. Poor Grammar

Whilst the availability of spellcheck has largely removed the risk of making spelling mistakes with the majority of word processing packages; some applicants have become reliant on it and do not take the time to proof read their CV’s.

Most people make mistakes when writing large documents, it’s human nature.  Spellcheck can’t do everything for you, so if you don’t proofread your CV then it’s highly likely you will have a few grammatical errors and maybe even some figures wrong.

There’s nothing more insulting to an employer than a CV littered with errors; it gives the impression that you haven’t really bothered.

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