Why We Love 5-a-Side Football The Most

Five-a-side football attracts some of the most talented players in the country.


Unbelievably good Goalkeepers…


…Loads of keepers…


…All the keepers.


But at least you can show off your silky skills…


…Because you never know you might be watching…



(Hopefully the referee).



But thank god for the head height rule…


…And curse the kid with the over-exuberant celebration.



Because everyone’s a goalscorer…



…Especially you!



But why do we really like it? We really really reaaaaaally like it because there is always someone worse than you!



If you are interested in further your education with a Sport qualification, then look no further than The Sheffield College. With a range of courses to choose from, we know you’ll be better than this lot above!


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