The BBC is bringing back epic robot battle show ‘Robot Wars’

Robot Wars, the drama-filled and often hilarious BBC show that saw teams of amateur robot builders create remote controlled-machines, then pit them against each other in an industrial arena of death, is coming back to our screens.

A new series, promising “more robots, more battles and more science than ever before,” has been commissioned. Six 60-minute episodes will be made initially by production company Mentorn.

The original series was a riot of homemade destruction, with participating robots utilising a range of weapons — from hammers to buzz saws to usually redundant flamethrowers — to attack each other.

Winning often revolved around tipping the opposing robot over onto its back or ramming it into a wall…and, of course, avoiding the devilish house robots, like Matilda and Sir Killalot, as well as traps ranging from flame pits to floor spikes

The series began on BBC Two in 1998 and ran on various channels until ceasing in 2004, with Jeremy Clarkson, Philippa Forrester and Craig Charles among the presenters. A spin-off aired in the U.S.; the format was exported worldwide.

The new show will be recorded in a purpose-built arena in Glasgow with state-of-the-art cameras “capable of capturing every crushing, sawing and scorching moment in incredible detail,” as well as even more sophisticated robots.

Budding roboteers can apply by emailing

If you are a huge fan of engineering brilliance, robots and (even better) fighting robots, take a look through our Engineering courses here at The Sheffield College and maybe you could wind up on the show!


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