17 Bold Hidden Hair Colours To Work This Year

Surprise surprise, the world of hair fashion has changed again. It’s not always the easiest to keep up with trends though when you have to go into a job or school. These hidden cool colours are perfect to work when you’re out and cover up when you fancy!

1. Hidden Neon Rainbow

Hidden Neon Rainbow

@phildoeshair / Via instagram.com

2. Concealed Purple and Teal

Concealed Purple and Teal

@beautybyashley / Via instagram.com

3. Hidden Jewel Tones

Hidden Jewel Tones

@soloparamunecas / Via instagram.com

4. Secret Galaxy

Secret Galaxy

@rubydevine / Via instagram.com

5. Multicolored Roots

Multicolored Roots

@phildoeshair / Via instagram.com

6. Yellow and Orange Undercut

Yellow and Orange Undercut

Tumblr / Via kyarypon.tumblr.com

7. Secret Mermaid

Secret Mermaid

@rubydevine / Via instagram.com

8. Hints of Green

Hints of Green

@soloparamunecas / Via instagram.com

9. Patch of Peacock

Patch of Peacock

@everydaywigscom / Via instagram.com

10. Surprise Unicorn Strands

Surprise Unicorn Strands

@muatiffanyg / Via instagram.com

11. Undercover Crayola

Undercover Crayola

@rubydevine / Via instagram.com

12. Secret Sunset

Secret Sunset

@drh_heidigrether / Via instagram.com

13. Hidden Blue Braids

Hidden Blue Braids

Kiss My Curls / Via kissmycurls.com

14. Hint of Fiery Red

Hint of Fiery Red

@adlydesign / Via instagram.com

15. My Little Pony in Disguise

My Little Pony in Disguise

@taylorrae_hair / Via instagram.com

16. Teal Undercut

Teal Undercut

17. Rainbow Stripe Underlights

Rainbow Stripe Underlights
@velenporella / Via instagram.com
Did you know at The Sheffield College we offer Hair and Barbering courses? Well, we do. And they’re great! So if you love fiddling with your hair and constantly changing it up, take a look today!

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