Photographer Releases Haunting Series of Pictures

Gregory Crewdson is well known for using the settings of small-town America as his backdrops creating cinematographic still photos. He meticulously plans his images with a crew. His use of light is as carefully placed as that in an Edward Hopper painting and his suspense, like that of a Hitchcock film.

“It was deep in the forests of Becket, Massachusetts that I finally felt darkness lift, experienced a reconnection with my artistic process, and moved into a period of renewal and intense creative productivity.” —Gregory Crewdson

Crewdson probes tensions between art, life, connection and separation, intimacy and isolation, says Gagosian Gallery.

Gagosian Gallery states that In Cathedral of the Pines, Crewdson’s persistent psychological leitmotifs evolve into intimate figurative dramas.

Crewdson was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1962 and currently lives and works in NYC and Massachusetts. He has work in public collections all over the world.

Some of his past series include “Twilight,” “Beneath the Roses,” and “Sanctuary.”

Behind the Scenes

For his work Cathedral of the Pines, Crewdson photographed figures in forests surrounding Becket, Massachusetts that call to mind nineteenth-century American and European paintings. Of the locations, the trail which this photo series is named after was included.

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