Job of The Week – Electricians and electrical fitters


We’re back again with Job of the Week! Again we are bringing you all the latest information on occupations in the Sheffield City Region to help you decide whether it may be the right career path for you, or not for that matter.

This week we are focusing on Electricians and electrical fitters in Sheffield.

As displayed by the table below, there are currently 5,319 people employed as Electricians and electrical fitters in the Sheffield City Region.

Jobs (2016) % Change (2016-2021) Median Earnings
5,319 5.0% £13.86/hr

As if that’s not good enough for you to sink your teeth into, there is set to be a 5.0% new job role increase in Sheffield, compared to just a 4.8% increase nationally over the next 5 years. This is great news for those of you who want to pursue it as a career, as the creation of 268 new jobs gives a real boost to that industry!

In the Sheffield City Region, average earnings for a Electricians and electrical fitters are £13.86 per hour.

Starting salaries for Electricians and electrical fitters may earn between £19,000 and £22,000 a year. With experience, this can rise to between £23,000 and £30,000. Some employers pay more, and you might get bonuses and overtime pay. Your salary will vary depending on your employer and where you live in the UK.

job of the week-electricians

Region 2016 Jobs 2021 Jobs % Change
Sheffield City Region 5,319 5,587 5.0%
Nation 178,061 186,640 4.8%

And don’t forget you can always work self-employed, in charge of your own company and paying yourself a decent wage!

Ok, so there’s all the statistics that you need, but what skills will you need to succeed? Well…

To be an electrician, you should have:

  • good practical skills
  • an ability to follow technical drawings, building plans and wiring diagrams
  • an ability to work carefully, methodically and safely
  • a head for heights and willingness to work in all sorts of weather
  • a willingness to work in confined spaces
  • good written and spoken communication skills
  • an ability to work in a team as well as on your own
  • a flexible approach
  • good problem-solving skills
  • an ability to plan and organise other people’s work, and motivate them

Set on being a sparky then? Good decision. This is where we come in. Check out our Electricians courses to help you on the road to qualification!


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