Day 12 – Sort Your Life Out: 6 Ways to Exercise Without Even Knowing It

Wash your car.

Alright it might not be the best weather for it yet as Gertrude is giving us a bit of a kicking, BUT washing your car is a great way to burn some calories and have a lovely shiny motor at the same time.

Do your own gardening.

Again, the weather is putting a stop to doing anything remotely outdoorsy today but getting out in the garden is dead good for you. A bit of weeding here and there, mowing the lawn, and being an all round horticultural genius gets both you and your garden in top shape!

Take the stairs.

Lifts smell. Lifts are claustrophobic. Lifts mean you have to stand near people you don’t like. Bin the lifts off, and take the stairs instead. It’s good for you, ya know!

Get started on that home-improvement project.

Painting, hammering, hoisting—it’s all exercise (some of it moderate to vigorous, we’d say). And don’t discount all the walking that you’ll do as you wander around the big home-improvement warehouse looking for that specific hinge (or someone who can help you find it).

Dog sit.

For a puppy, ideally. You won’t be able to sit on the couch for long—unless you don’t care about your carpet—or your shoes. Know anyone with a dog? Ask if they’ll be heading out on holiday this summer, without pet. You’ll sneak in a week’s worth of exercise—and probably earn yourself a nice bottle of wine upon their return

Eat al fresco.


Final one, and another weather based one. When the sun is boss of the sky, fill an ice cooler with some healthy scran and lug it across the park. Winner.

Here at The Sheffield College we have loads of stairs (and lifts too, don’t worry)! Take a look at our fantastic courses today!


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