Which of the new Mr Men and Little Miss characters are you?

Everyone remembers Roger Hargreave’s Mr Men and Little Miss Characters from back in the day. Mr Bump, Mr Grumpy and Little Miss Sunshine were probably a firm fixture in most of our childhoods.

Well now they have some new competition. Seventeen new characters have been created, and include modern day stereotypes such as Mr Hungover, Mr Photobomb, Mr Man Bag, Little Miss Selfie, Little Miss Twerk and Little Miss #Emosh.

We’re all a bit guilty of being some of these things, these days. Which one are you?

Here are some of Wow247’s favourites…

Little Miss Selfie

Little Miss Totes

Little Miss Twerk

Little Miss Brunch

Mr Photobomb

Mr Man Bag

Mr Regret

And you can view the rest on these cool mugs, here!

If you’re or a Little Miss/Mr Bookworm and love to read, we offer a host of English courses here at The Sheffield College. With courses to suit all abilities, there has never been an easier time to start. Take a look today!



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