Celebrity Inspiration: passions and interests

Few people start with a precise career plan. For one thing, without a crystal ball, it’s difficult to have any real idea of the opportunities and obstacles that will come your way. Instead, why not begin with the spark of an idea, a passion, or a general area of interest  – which you can then develop or work towards? iCould have some short videos of celebrities to have a watch of and see how they got to where they are today!

Davina_McCallDavina McCall, Television Presenter

“I’ve got thirty-seven letters of rejection. Lots from people that have since then employed me. Just because you get knocked down doesn’t mean that they won’t employ you at some time in the future, it’s just that you’re not right for now.”


Richard_BransonRichard Branson, Entrepreneur

“Building a business is perilous, it is exciting…you will sail close to the wind on occasions but you learn from it.”




Trevor_NelsonTrevor Nelson, DJ and Broadcaster

“Even though I fell out with my Dad as a teenager like most teenagers will, you just do, he instilled stuff in me…he always said you’ll never make it in music..and now he’s the proudest man alive.”



Huey MorganHuey Morgan, Musician

“Going to like jail when I was a kid really sobered me up. I realised that I wasn’t as big and tough as I thought I was, there were a lot of more bigger and tougher guys there. I realised at that point that I wasn’t cut out to be an arch criminal…I just knew in my heart that I wasn’t that kind of person.”


Gabby_LoganGabby Logan, Broadcaster and Journalist

“But I’m a big girl, and I knew what was happening. It wasn’t a personal thing. When they’ve made their decision that they don’t want you, then you have to go with that. You can’t fight it.”


Have these celebrities inspired you to follow in their footsteps? Maybe they’ve inspired you just to get cracking with your career progress? Either way, we have all the courses in Business and Enterprise or Media for you to get on the road to starting your dream career. Check them out at the links above!



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