Job of the Week – Speech and Language Therapists!

We’re back again with Job of the Week! Again we are bringing you all the latest information on occupations in the Sheffield City Region to help you decide whether it may be the right career path for you, or not for that matter.

This week we are focusing on Speech and Language Therapists in Sheffield.

As displayed by the table below, there are currently 434 Primary and Nursery Education Teaching Professionals employed in the Sheffield City Region.

Jobs (2016) % Change (2016-2021) Median Earnings
434 9.0% £16.37/hr

Whilst that may not be as many workers as plumbers or teachers, there are a lot of positives about being a Speech and Language Therapist in Sheffield! There is set to be a 9.0% new job role increase in Sheffield, compared to just a 6.0% increase nationally over the next 5 years. This is great news for those of you who want to pursue it as a career, as the creation of new jobs gives a real boost to that industry!

In the Sheffield City Region, average earnings for a Speech and Language Therapist are £16.37 per hour.

Starting salaries for Speech and language therapists are between £21,692 and £28,180 a year. Specialist speech and language therapists will be graded at band 6 which is £26,041 to £34,876. And as an Advanced therapists or team leaders can earn up to £40,964 on band 7.

job of the week speech therapist

Region 2016 Jobs 2021 Jobs % Change
Sheffield City Region 434 473 4.3%
Nation 14,948 15,840 6.0%

Ok, so there’s all the statistics that you need, but what skills will you need to succeed? Well…

You will need:

  • excellent communication and listening skills
  • a patient and caring personality
  • the ability to create positive working relationships with clients of all ages
  • an ability to solve problems
  • creativity with the ability to turn therapy into a game when working with children
  • the ability to motivate and encourage clients to continue with treatment
  • good team working skills and the ability to work alone

All well and good, but how do you qualify as a Speech and Language Therapist? Well you’ll need either an English and/or a Biology qualification to take to University with you. Luckily, we offer both so you can start walking up that path to graduation! Click the links to find out more about the courses!


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