Disney Character Dating Profiles

Another one for you film lovers! Imagine a world where your favourite Disney characters, who were so hapless in love, set themselves up a dating profile! Wow247 have done the hard work for you!

Ariel, 21, Under the Sea

Little Mermaid disney

About me: I might as well just say it: I’m a mermaid. I have a tail instead of legs, which you can imagine poses some problems. You know that classic “would you rather” question about the humanoid with a fish head or fish tail? Well, yeah, that’s me.

My last relationship didn’t work but I do have a pretty amazing singing voice. It has been known to hypnotize. You have been warned.

Looking for: Someone who doesn’t just want me for my voice and will accept me tail and all.

Snowwhite, 32, Germany

Snow White Disney

About me: I love nothing more than to be surrounded by small men. I love cooking, cleaning, singing and nature. Especially tiny little birds and squirrels! Serious phobia of apples. Will explain all when we meet, lol.

Looking for: Preferably someone under four feet tall.

Sadness, 19, Riley Andersen’s Brain

Sadness - Inside Out

About me: Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of lives problems. I’m sad. A lot. I suffer from anxiety and worry about the smallest things. That’s just who I am. Can usually be found lying down on the ground somewhere. Feeling sad.

Looking for: Someone to wallow with. I’m sick of people telling me to cheer up. As I’ve discovered, sometimes it’s OK to be sad. Screw you, Joy. SCREW YOU.

Cruella De Ville, *a lady never tells*, London

Cruella Deville - Disney

About me: I live for fur, I worship fur. After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn’t?  I’m always late. I ADORE puppies. Smoker. Some people might say I should be on Mature and Single. To them I say, imbeciles!

Looking for: Someone I don’t find to be too ghastly, darling, the younger, the better. Pet owners preferred. In fact, pet owners essential. Mwah.

Woody, 33 (in toy years), Andy’s Attic

Toy Story woody

About me: That’s me and my friend Buzz, lol. I used this pic as it shows me out and about, doing what I do best. I’m shut in a box a lot these days, which makes it hard to meet people. Especially girls. I’m a Sheriff, and I’ve been on some crazy adventures in my time. I’m actually a toy, I thought I should mention that.

Looking for: Someone open minded, who will accept me for the toy I am.

Pinocchio, Forever Young, Tuscany

Pinocchio - Disney

About me: I am a real boy and possibly the most honest person you’ll ever meet. I hate lying. In fact I find it impossible to lie. Although some girls have encouraged it in the past…

Looking for: No strings attached relationship.

Aladdin, 29, Arabia

Aladdin Disney

About me: Hey, what’s up? My name’s Aladdin and I’m just on here looking for a good time. Someone to have a chill with.

Looking for: My magic carpet. I can fly, man, honestly. You should see it. I have a magic lamp that you can ask for whatever you want – there’s a genie inside. He’s big and blue and he can take us wherever we want to go. He can make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. I can show you the WORLD, baby.

Shrek, 45, Scotland

Shrek - Disney

About me: Still suffering a bit of heartbreak since I split with my wife, Fiona. I have a couple of kids who mean the world to me and a lot of my time is taken up with them. Love the great outdoors. I’m a lot more gentle than I look.

Looking for: Someone to enjoy strolls in the forest with. You must get on with my best friend, who is actually a donkey.

Mike Wazowski, 27, Monstropolis

Mike Wazowski - Monsters Inc

About me: I love scaring kids ! I just love it! I’m so romantic, sometimes I think I should just marry myself. And the camera, it LOVES me! Call me!

Interested in: I’m not fussy. Anyone who doesn’t have a problem with going out with a tiny, green cyclops really.  **Hey Snowwhite, I saw your profile. Maybe I could be the small man you’re looking for? DM me, schmooksie poo.**

Prince Charming, 30, Fairytale land

Prince Charming - Cinderella

About me: I’m a Prince. And I’m charming. I can be forgetful sometimes. There was one time I literally forgot what my ‘one true love’ looked like and I had to put a shoe on every girl in the land to find out which one she was. It was so embarrassing. Have never lived that one down, actually.

Looking for: I’m kind of under pressure from my Dad to find a wife. He threw me this big ball, to try and find someone suitable but it all went a bit wrong in the end. (Hence the shoe incident…)

Elsa, 24, Norway

Frozen - Elsa

About me: My name is Elsa and I’m a Snow Queen. Or if you want my official title I’m Queen Elsa of Arendell. I love to sing and I have been known to put together quite the catchy tune. I’m quite a solitary person. I like being on my own but thought it might be time to see what was out there.

Looking for: Everything I touch turns to ice, so I’m essentially looking for non-contact relationship.

If you adore Disney and know all the characters inside out, you probably should take a look into our Film courses. They’re pretty much made for film lovers like you!


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