What Had David Bowie Achieved At Your Age?

David Bowie is a legend of music. His music was an art form in its own divine right and touched so many people in a way that there will forever be a Ziggy Stardust shaped footprint on music.

He’s been around for absolutely ages, spanned all genres of music, and reinvented the wheel about a million times. Bowie was always ahead of his time. Always doing it right. Always a genius.

With Bowie recently turning 69 on Friday, you would have been forgiven for thinking he’d hung up the microphone and called time on his career to enjoy his twilight years in peace. But then that wouldn’t be David Bowie.

In what is a very sad day, Ziggy himself unfortunately passed away this morning following a private battle with cancer.

Typically Mr. Stardust hasn’t gone with a whimper. Of course he hasn’t. The rock legend left us with a parting gift, in the most Bowie-like fashion. It was only on his birthday on Friday that Bowie brought out his latest album, ‘Blackstar’. An album which lyrically makes more sense following his sad passing. Art at its finest. David Bowie.



David Bowie is an inspiration to so many. What he achieved, what he changed, what he conquered in his life was remarkable. He did it all. Again, genius.

Last week we stumbled across a website in which you are able to compare what Bowie did at the age you are now. Staggering. Simply type in your age, and you can see what he did that year. He puts us all to shame really, and forever will be inspirational to all budding musicians.

David Bowie has signed off in typical fashion. Safe flight, Ziggy.

Check it out here: http://supbowie.com/

If Bowie’s quite remarkable achievements have got your musical juices flowing and you’re dying to pick up an instrument, get yourself down to The Sheffield College. We have just had a refurb for our Creative Industries, and that includes a couple of state-of-the-art music studios and recording spaces! Check out our courses, now!



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