Your future in digital media

You may not know your CSS3 from your C3P0 and perhaps the only cookies you’re concerned with on a regular basis are in your biscuit tin.

Typewriter and mouse

But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be suited to a job in digital media – otherwise known as a job that involves working online.

With new technologies and services constantly popping up – like mobile platforms and apps – the online world will continue to grow and expand. New roles are being created all the time.

Here are some of the roles on offer:

Digital Journalism

People consume online information differently than they do reading a book or a newspaper. Writing, filming and editing content for the web is a different skill. If you’re an ace communicator, with a keen eye for detail and a love for telling stories, digital journalism could suit you.


From page layouts to customer experience to animation, digital design covers many different things. If you have a passion for all things visual, a creative mind and a strong intuition for customer needs, a digital environment could be the best place for your imagination.


Working in digital marketing can mean you wear many hats – customer research one day, search engine optimisation and social media the next. The ways in which businesses and customers communicate are shifting constantly because of digital developments, so you need to be flexible enough to shift with them.


Web developers design and maintain websites. There are endless opportunities for you if have an analytical mind, a solid grasp of logic and a zest for problem solving. There’s also a massive online community offering help for almost any challenge.

Project management

Just like any other project, digital projects need people to make sure the product is financially sound and delivered on time. If project management and organisation skills are your strongest qualities, you may find opportunities here.

If any of the above job roles sound appealing to you, don’t hesitate in being in touch and taking a look through our vast array of courses here at The Sheffield College.


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