What if famous movies were set in Yorkshire?

Ever wondered what your favourite film might be like if it was set in God’s own Yorkshire as opposed to Hollywood?! Wow247 have…

Sin Chippy


There’s more to this chippy than meets the eye. Head-fryer Charlie Digger isn’t just the owner of a fish and chip shop, he’s also at the helm of a tenacious criminal gang whose reach stretches as far as the Ilkley Moors.

One minute you’re waiting for half a cod and chips, the next you’ve had scraps thrown in your face and are being rushed by armed fishery workers. There’s a reason that they’ve got the best curry sauce in all of Yorkshire: they own the town.

Raining Day


A veteran bobbie is ready to take a new recruit out on a run-down day on the streets of Bingley, where the crime runs free and law enforcement has to be ever observant.

Unfortunately though, the terrible Yorkshire weather lets them down, and as soon as the first few drizzle pellets hit the ground, the pair know that they are left with one option: stay in with a cup of tea, and watch Kes.

Straight Outta Cropton


When three unlikely blokes form F.W.A (Farmers Wit Attitudez) decide to launch their rap careers from their home town in North Yorkshire, they know it’s not going to be easy.

But with the backing of the village council, some help from the elderly ladies whom they sell their fresh vegetables to, and proper grit and determination, they set out to make their first album, Keepin it real in da fieldz, a massive success. It’s get rich, or die trying time.



Jack Nicholson plays Bob Jones, a PI set up in an old Yorkshire town in the middle of the moors: Minertown. Twenty years after the mines were closed by a particularly unpopular woman (let’s call her Baggie Matcher), Bob is asked to investigate an old abandoned mine.

Residents believe it to be used by pig smugglers for stashing ‘cargo’, and suspicious oinks are regularly heard from there. But the pig smuggling is just the tip of the iceberg…

The Mud, The Lad and the Rugby


Three teenage boys, aspiring rugby players, must compete for the same position on the county team, and tensions rise high as they battle it out, psychologically and physically.

Little do the lads know, however, that they’re actually brothers, and when Aunt Pamela spills the beans, the three-way rivalry only intensifies. Clint Eastwood plays the ref. Because why the hell not?

Grain Man


Just a lowly farmer? Aye, by day, but when the fields are flowed and the lights are out, he’s also an internationally renowned mathematician. Well, he mainly hangs out on maths forums on the internet, but he’s very good.

His real dream, though, it’s to be a pro blackjack player. Unfortunately, he has zero natural ability, and can’t quite get the hang of it. Let’s hope his estranged brother from the posh city of Leeds can help him overcome his fear of the five of spades.

The Bean Mile


Disaster has struck, and Sean Bean has been locked in Aldi by a deranged police officer who’s supposed to be off duty.

Even worse, a group of radical health activists are threatening to destroy the Pukka Pies factory, which is only a mile away. Bean must escape the Aldi, walk the Bean Mile, and save his beloved meat and two veg (no inuendo intended. We’re not that kind of movie production company).



Look North anchorman John Bibs has overcome every challenge he has faced – even the great Parkin shortage of 2012 – but when a rival news reporter is hired from a Lancashire news channel, John faces the challenge of his life.

Can he keep his place as top dog on the news? Will his wife leave him for the new Lanc-orman? Will he ever again enjoy his beloved Parkin? Anything’s possible with his trusty flat-cap and a mug of Yorkshire tea.

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