9 Times TV Hosts Messed Up Spectacularly

Anything can happen on live TV, goes the old adage. It really can, but do we enjoy it as much when it all goes swimmingly?! Course not! Here are nine of Wow247’s most cringe-inducing examples in small-screen history.

The Price is definitely right

The Price is Right

During an episode of hit game show The Price is Right, one about-to-be lucky contestant was tasked with guessing the correct price of a Hyundai car, out of a possible five options.

No worries though, because after her first guess, assistant presenter and model Manuela revealed not only that her initial guesstimate was incorrect, but that the correct answer was $21,000, thus ruining the rest of the show. Well done Manuela.

Host Drew Carey admits: “Manuela’s just won you a car”. We suppose it’s an honest mistake, but seriously Manuela, you’ve just given away a $21,960 car and ruined an entire episode of The Price is Right. It’d be like Noel Edmunds running around and opening all of the Deal or No Deal boxes straight away.

Watch the full thing here.

They’re not even words anymore

We can’t laugh at this one too much, as it is widely believed that presenter in question Serene Branson suffered some kind of medical issue during her news report on the Grammy Awards.

She’s absolutely fine, and was even at the time, may we add, but as sentences go, this is one of the most random bunch of syllables we’ve ever heard mashed together.

Highlighted phrases include: “burtation”, “very herry derrison”, and “let’s go ahead and terris tazen lushcamit, haben pit”. We don’t know what happened with Serene, but what we do know is that to the viewers back home, it looked like she tripped over her words 100 times in a row.

How do you spell that, again?

Can't Spell

A fill-in host on High Q, an Atlanta game-show designed to test high-school student’s knowledge, absolutely decimated a contestant’s name in 2014. Fair enough, it wasn’t the most obvious name to pronounce, but she made a terrible effort of it.

The name was ‘Duddikunta’, pronounced ‘Doo-di-kunt-ah’. The substitute host pronounced it many ways. ‘Di-donk-ah’, ‘Doody-donki-doody-di-di’, ‘Do-do-do-di-donk-ah’; alas, they were all wrong.

The most hilarious thing is that he told her how to pronounce his name the first time she messed it up, and yet, she continued to take wild stabs at the pronunciation. Ouch.

Watch the full thing here.

Killer Karaoke seriously injures

Killer Karoke

Who’d have thought that you could sustain serious injuries from going on Steve-O’s American game show Killer Karaoke? Apparently not Susanne Ohman, who was a contestant on the Sing If You Can duplicate-show in 2010.

The premise was for Steve-O to distract you whilst you tried to successfully sing a karaoke song. If you sung it well enough, you got a massive prize or whatever. We’re presuming the prizes weren’t things like ‘get launched out of a cannon’ or ‘have a boxing match with an anaconda’ like they were in Jackass.

On this particular episode, the ex-Jackass sprayed Susanne, and the stage, with water, on which she later slipped, falling of the stage and taking multiple injuries to major bones. She sued him.

All he had to do was make us laugh with all his funny noises and stuff, and instead, he causes a woman to need bone reconfiguration. That’s got to be up there with the worst mess-ups ever.

The invisible iPad

Invisible iPad

What do you do when you have no idea what you’re supposed to be doing? Just pretend you’re playing Angry Birds on your iPad. That’s your happy place.

At the end of this BBC news broadcast, Chris Mitchell says goodbye, turns around, clearly realises he has to look like he’s doing something (obviously to obey the secret reporter’s code, whereby all on-screen reporters must look to be either ruffling papers or tapping at an electronic touch screen after a report) and whips out a little make believe iPad.

What you’re seeing, is a grown man, of a fairly respectable profession, tapping on his hands and pretending it’s an Apple product. Hardly genius improvisation, really.

Watch the full thing here.

Kammy misses the red card

Chris Kamara – or Kammy, as he has been affectionately nicknamed by adoring fans – is a sports presenter mainly known for his work on the football results show Soccer Saturday. And he’s hilarious.

This absolute gem of a clip came when Portsmouth played Blackburn, and there was a red card in the game. Jeff Stelling, the presenter in the studio, turned to Chris for more information, as Kammy had been sent as correspondent to cover the game.

“There’s been a red card, but for who Chris?”

“I don’t know, Jeff has there?”

Apparently, Chris wasn’t paying enough attention to the game, and completely missed all the action. The resulting exchange is brilliant.

Serene strikes again

Bless poor rookie news anchor A.J Clemente. It was his first day on the job, he was clearly nervous, and regular presenter Van Tieu tried to ease his tension by asking him a little bit about himself. But it all just blows up in A.J’s face. It’s so sad to see him crash and burn like this, but sort of funny at the same time.

Let’s relive the sentence that A.J manages to summon from the depths of his soul, with all of his previous training and skill: “I graduated from West Virginia University, so I’m used to…um….um…. you know… from being from… um…. the East Coast.”

Don’t worry A.J, we’re sure nobody watches the North Dakota news, except people in North Dakota…. and now everyone on YouTube.

And the winner is…

Australia's Next Top Model

Ah yes, remember this presenting apocalypse? If Olly Murs thinks he has it bad, he should always remember that Sarah Murdoch didn’t just announce the wrong result, she announced the wrong winner, and there was no Caroline Flack to save her bacon.

On the final of Australia’s Next Top Model 2010, which we are sure you were all watching, Murdoch (who is married to the son of Rupert Murdoch) announced that 19 year-old Kelsey Matrinovich had won the ultimate prize, which included cash, a trip to New York and a modeling contract.

How gutting it must have been for her, when, after she was given time to thank her family, Sarah revealed that she had said the wrong name, and it was actually Amanda Ware who would take the ultimate prize.

Absolute gold.

Watch the full thing here.

This makes us want to vomit

Little Britain vomit

We’ve illustrated this one with a suitable pic from Little Britain. Unfortunately, Swedish game show host Eva Navemson wasn’t feeling all too good when presenting this episode of Nattliv, which looks suspiciously like every late night shopping channel.

A caller rings, to presumably answer a question, and she immediately projectile vomits to the right of the screen. Not great, really.

But credit to the woman, she pulls it back, and not many people can claim they made a blunder this bad on live television and somehow managed to make the show watchable again. We’d like to see Terry Wogan pull this one off.

Watch the full thing here.

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