This Design For An “Earthquake-Proof” Bed Looks Absolutely Terrifying

After experiencing two major earthquakes first-hand, Chinese pensioner Wang Wenxi set about building something that could help people survive such devastating events.

The result was an “earthquake-proof” bed, for which he successfully applied for at least two patents with China’s State Intellectual Property Office starting in 2010.

He explained to China Daily at the time that his vision called for a bed to transform into a strong box that “encases residents” if a quake hits. At least one real-life video of something resembling this concept exists, but now an animated demo video recently posted to YouTube appears to suggest Wang’s dream may be closer to being realised.

The only thing is, the video is absolutely terrifying. As the quake strikes, the bed…soothingly imprisons the person softly sleeping on it in a stainless-steel bunker, complete with supplies such as bottled water, food, and a gas mask.

According to the British Geological Survey, around 20 to 30 earthquakes are felt by people in the UK every year, and most of these cause no damage at all.

However, better safe than sorry…

Or maybe not, in fact.

If you think you could create structural designs that are a bit more suitable for humans, then take a look at our civil engineering courses. Maybe you could make a million from it!

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