What Sheffielders Actually Mean

The English Language is bizarre. That’s no lie. Wherever you go across England, there doesn’t appear to be much of a consistency. Funny accents, words you’ve never heard of and, when both combined, a confused look on your face! BuzzFeed have compiled the list below of what us Sheffield folk actually mean…
1. “He’s reyt nesh.” — He has the audacity to wear a coat when it’s snowing outside.

2. “I spent the day out in the Peak District.” — I drove to a pub with a nice view of Ladybower.

3. “There’s nowt so queer as folk.” — I’ve walked past the queue at Corporation on a Saturday night and seen things I’ll never forget.

4. “That round were proper expensive.” — I spent more than £10 on four drinks.

5. “E’s dead flash these days.” — He spent more than £10 on four drinks and didn’t flinch. Clearly been living in London too long, the posh git.

6. “The students make Crookes a lively place to live.” — I usually wake up with a traffic cone and two empty cans of lager on my doorstep, but by god it’s affordable.

7. “I live in Dore.” — I am loaded.

8. “I live on Manor Top.” — Don’t look at me like that; it’s not that bad.

9. “I live in Leeds.” -—I have been excommunicated.

10. “Sheffield’s actually dead good for shopping.” — Meadowhall can burn in hell, viva Devonshire Street.

11. “I’ll have a half, please.” — I’m as embarrassed as you about this, but I’m on antibiotics/severely hungover/have a job interview in half an hour. But I will never, repeat never, give in to a soft drink. Clue’s in the name. Soft lad.

12. “Sheffield is basically the craft beer capital of the UK these days.” — Sometimes I just really want a nice pint of mild.

13. “Owl or Blade?” — Our pending friendship depends on this.

14. “Stop being such a mardy arse.” — Cheer up, love.

15. “Na then, thee.” — How the devil are you?

16. “This pie’s dead dry.” — Needs Hendos.

17. “This Bloody Mary isn’t reyt spicy.” — Needs Hendos.

18. “This restaurant’s crap.” — Needs Hendos.

19. “Your mam’s a barmpot.” — Your mother has suggested going to Fargate on Boxing Day for the sales.

20. “Shurrup, ya daft apeth.” — I love you, but you’re drunk and talking nonsense.

21. “Ge’ore.” — No really, shut up.

22. “Be reet.” — Not my problem, mate.

23. “I’ve just bought a mountain bike.” — I’m becoming one of thoseSheffield people.

24. “Fancy coming to the Foundry after work?” — I want to fulfill another Sheffield stereotype. Bring on the ropes and crampons, I’ll have buns of steel in no time.

25. “We’re going out on Ecclesall Road.” — PAYDAY!

26. “We’re heading out down West Street.” — I’ve got no coat, no inhibitions and no hope of remembering anything post 9pm.

27. “We’re hitting up Devonshire Street.” — I want to find a guy with a beard/lass with horn-rimmed glasses.

28. “We’re drinking in Kelham Island.” — I’m going to have eight pints of obscure ale and wake up with bowel movements that a caveman would be ashamed of.

29. “Count yoursen lucky.” — My life is a lot harder than yours and I’m about to detail exactly how and why in quite some detail.

30. “Yeah I’m alright.” — I’m having a wonderful day.

31. “Chuffed to bits mate.” — I feel really quite pleased with the way my life is going.

32. “Aye, champion.” — I am overwhelmed with joy. I imagine this is how it feels to win a Nobel prize and the lottery on the same day.

33. “I’m on my way.” — I left the house 45 minutes ago, but I’m on a bus and on Abbeydale Road, so who knows when I’ll arrive?

34. “Fancy a brew?” — Would you like a strongly-mashed cup of Yorkshire tea in lieu of me verbalising my warm feelings for you?

35. “Have you et tea?” — I’m your mother and I love you, but I’d rather demonstrate that through a hot meal than with words.

36. “Hiya, love.” — Thanks for choosing my checkout.

37. “Here you are, flower.” — Here’s your shopping.

38. “Ta, duck.” — And here’s your change.

39. “We’ve missed the last bus.” — It is 10:30pm.

40. “I used to train with Jessica Ennis.” — There were people in my year that went to running club with Jessica Ennis.

41. “Tramlines is the best time of the year.” — I only like Tramlines when I’m observing it from someone’s balcony with a toilet in close proximity.

42. “Sheffield City Council.” — The bastards that cut down all the trees and installed LED lampposts that give all the streets an eerie futuristic glow.

43. “When’s the next blue bin day?” — I don’t think I can face having all these bottles on display outside the house for another fortnight.

44. “All of these new coffee places make Sheffield feel really cosmopolitan.” — Two pounds chuffin’ fifty for a bloody latte?

45. “The Hope Valley Line.” — The most picturesque commute possible, with the least amount of reception.

46. “Snake Pass.” — Scratch that, this is the most picturesque commute possible. Even less reception.

47. “I work at the university.” — I came here to study 15 years ago and can’t bring myself to leave.

48. “I work at Meadowhall.” — My Christmas commute makes me want to cry.

49. “I work in steel.” — I am a time traveller.

50. “I love Sheffield in the winter.” — I enjoy drinking in the Christmas market.

51. “I love Sheffield in the summer.” — I enjoy drinking in pub beer gardens.

52. “I love Sheffield in the spring.” — I enjoy drinking wine in the Botanical Gardens at the first hint of sunshine.

53. “I love Sheffield in the Autumn.” — I enjoy drinking in pubs with open fires and dogs.

54. “Bugger off.” — I love you.

If you want a better grasp of the English Language or to delve further into the reasons behind the reasons we use different words to those Southern breeds then check out our English courses on offer across our Sheffield College sites!


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