Top Tips For Surviving Coding

Computer programming and coding can be very stressful. There is the multitude of numbers and algorithms to remember, and the constant glow of a computer screen in your eyes. It’s important to have enough time to chill as well; Wow247 have 8 tips for you to make it slightly easier

1. Plan the week ahead


This is going to be your number one priority, no excuses of ‘I don’t have any time for that’, or ‘I didn’t finish that homework because I had that other thing I wanted to do’. Managing your time and prioritizing is vital to coding course survival. By your third week, you will have an idea of what the week is like, so prepare yourself and think about things you have to do, could do and if you have time would like to do.

2. Refuel

This is the typical everyday stuff we do. Eat. But don’t just eat everything and anything. Refuel with healthy food. Make sure that what you’re eating is fuel, so cut back on those chips, and have more greens and fruit! I don’t mean to sound like a nagging old lady, but take it into consideration that you will be working long days.

3. Get enough sleep

Sleep in

This was one of the biggest problems I had. Not because I didn’t get enough sleep, but because I love my comfy bed and wanted to sleep more. Chances are you will have to be in your classrooms by 8.45am at the latest, and will start your day at 9am on the dot. By the time you’ve finished you’re going to want to rest.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others

Don’t look at the amount of stuff you don’t know; instead look at the amount of stuff you already learned. There will be times where you might think you’re just not good enough, or are not moving at the pace of everyone else. That’s normal. Whilst you’re thinking that you are struggling, there are another seven or eight people feeling the same way.

5. Create a coding family

I don’t mean go forth and reproduce and create coding minions. I mean get to know your class: who you get along with and who you aren’t fussed about. After all you will be together for a long time, and most of the times you will still keep in contact with these new friends because you will have one thing in common. You took the journey together.

6. Work together


Work with your fellow coders on projects and homework. Two heads are always better than one, and you get to see how that other person works or how they find the solutions. But don’t just let the other person do all the work. Muck in and help out, tackle one of the challenges whilst he/she deals with the other.

7. Ask LOTS of questions

I don’t think I need to elaborate much here. The most successful students are the ones who ask when they’re unsure – they are not shy or embarrassed about the question they have.

8. Let your hair down

walt wink

This is the best time of all. Go out and relax whenever you can. Make the most of the nights when you have nothing on. Even if it’s just embracing the Netflix box-sets. Breaking Bad and a few beers was always a winner for me.

Just take that bit of time to be normal again, see friends or catch up on all your Facebook news feed.

If you’re a bit of a computer geek, and coding and programming sounds right up your street then take a look through our I.T courses today.


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