Quirky Christmas Gift Ideas For Film Lovers

Have you got a mate who loves films? Cult films, weird films and the downright bizarre. When it comes to Christmas they can be quite critical of presents, but with these great ideas from Wow247 you won’t go far wrong!

Jules from Pulp Fiction’s Wallet

Jule's wallet

You know what money pouches are missing nowadays? A nice hefty bit of profanity, courtesy of Pulp Fiction‘s Jules Winnfield. But you can solve that issue by purchasing your cinephile associate this wallet. As an added extra, you could always include all of Jules’ money, but that’s up to you.

Buy it on prezzybox.com.

Wizard’s Chess

Wizard Chess

It’s just like normal chess, but the pieces move on their own and talk to each other. Oh no, wait, we’re in the real world. So yeah, it’s just like normal chess. As normal chess sets go though, it’s a looker.

Buy it on harrypottershop.com.

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

Star Wars Shakespeare

Imagine if William Shakespeare wrote Star Wars. That’s exactly what author Ian Doescher did when he wrote his book William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, which is a retelling of George Lucas’ movies but in the style of the quintessential Old English playwright.

Buy it on Amazon

The Face Hugger Teddy

Alien face hugger teddy

Although this weird looking Face Hugger teddy from the Alien films is just a soft toy, we still think there’s plenty of joy to be had in putting this on sleeping people’s faces. In any case, if you’ve got someone who’s a fan of the franchise, this will be a nice addition to their pillow setup.

Buy it at forbiddenplanet.co.uk.

A Delorean Model


Unfortunately, the website doesn’t list exactly how big this model of the rail-road Delorean that sends Marty back to the future in the third instalment of the series is, so you may end up with a to-scale model car. Even if it’s just Hotwheels size, this is a cool little toy to have on the desk.

Buy it at forbiddenplanet.co.uk.

A Ghostbusters Outfit


Everyone loves Ghostbusters. It’s one of the greatest films ever, and stars two legendary comedy actors in Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. So, why not dress up like them? You can get the entire kit of the Ghostbusters, and walk round with a Henry vacuum on your back sucking at people’s clothes. Dan Aykroyd is not included, though.

Buy it on forbiddenplanet.co.uk.

Sex Panther

Sex Panther

Apparently, it works every time… 60% of the time. If you know someone whose love-life is literally going downhill, and they also happen to enjoy the films of Will Ferrell, then this might just might be the perfect gift for them.

Buy it on Amazon.

Alfred Hitchcock – The Masterpiece Collection

james franco

Straight and simple, if you need a present for someone who loves film, and you don’t mind spending a little bit over the average, the Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection is an absolute winner.

Buy it on Amazon.

The Karate Kid’s Headband

Karate Kid Headband

Everybody has enjoyed The Karate Kid at some point in their lives, and the immortal words “wax on, wax off” lend themselves to so many situations. It makes sense in none of them, but it is still lent to those situations. In any case, this cool Karate Kid headband will surely be a lovely piece of memorabilia for younger film watchers.

Buy it at halloweencostumes.co.uk.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mix

Guardians of the Galaxy mix tape

The Awesome Mix Vol. 1 was probably the best thing to come out of Marvel’s weird Firefly rip-off Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s a mix tape that you can get your hands on right now. Just don’t let the lucky receiver do any of the dancing. It’s for the good of everyone.

But it on Amazon

X-Wing Knife Set

X Wing knives

Yes, it’s another Star Wars related listing, but look at how beautiful it is. There isn’t really anything special about it though, it’s just a knife rack that looks a little bit like an X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars universe, but we’re sure if you’ve got a genuine (adult) Jedi in the family, they’ll absolutely love it.

Buy it at iwantoneofthose.com

The Drive Jacket

Drive Jacket

If we’ve learned anything in the entire history of cinema, it’s that you can take a revolting jacket, stick it on Ryan Gosling, and then stick Ryan Gosling in a movie, to somehow make a product out of it. Any fans of Drive won’t be disappointed with this, but I wouldn’t expect them to be wearing it on nights out. Ever.

Buy it on Amazon

The Movie Projector Lamp

Vintage movie lamp

Desk lamps have never really been a thing that we think about on a daily basis, but when you see this one, it can’t be helped. This vintage desk lamp is made to look like an old school movie projector, and, by the looks of it, will take up half your room with its bulk. Still, it’s rather stylish, for a lamp.

Buy it on etsy.com.

The Jaws Beach Towel

Jaws towel

We can’t really imagine that anyone who is fanatic about films would be too bothered about their seaside setup, but as beach towels go, this is probably one of the best. The irony of the image won’t be lost on anyone, but the fact that it combines humour with one of the most iconic movie posters ever makes it a must-have.

But it on Amazon

The Space Jam basketball jersey

Space Jam

We all wanted to play for the Tune Squad as kids, and now you can feel a little bit like you are. It’s a generation’s classic, so if there’s a millennial you still need to shower with gifts, Michael Jordan’s jersey from Space Jam will be a hit.

But it on Amazon

Maybe that’s helped or maybe you’ve gotten super giddy about all the presents. If it’s the latter then you definitely should take a look through our film courses right…..now!


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